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Errol Flynn Redux

Errol Flynn Redux

After my holiday trip to Australia and New Zealand I wrote about Errol Flynn’s home town of Hobart, Tasmania and printed some photos of the newly-named Errol Flynn Reserve. But it seems I was under-informed about local interest in the swashbuckling star. Here’s an e-mail I received from Steve Randell:

“My wife Genene and I run the Errol Flynn Society of Tasmania and we still do tours of his haunts around Hobart whenever we can. We just love to share Errol with visitors; I drive a coach and whenever possible let the passengers know that Errol was born and raised here in Hobart and tell a few stories as we travel Tasmania. We started the society because Genene—

—was a true fan and there was not anything here to remember Errol. Genene came to admire Errol when she was going through grief after losing a child to cot death. She was watching television one night when she couldn’t sleep and found that Errol in Captain Blood transported her away from her grief for the time which she greatly appreciated.

Rory Flynn and Lord Mayor at Errol Flynn Plaque Ceremony.

“It was a big battle to get the reserve named as the locals still remember Errol as the bad boy and don’t think of the many pleasures that he bought through his roles on the silver screen. We were one of only two groups in the world to celebrate his centenary last year on the 20th June to which [was attended by] Rory Flynn, his daughter. Now we wont to erect a statue here, but raising the cash is the hardest part. We have $5000 but we need $100,000 to fulfill this dream and money seems to be short at present. We did, however, get a star placed in the footpath outside the State theatre in Hobart which was unveiled by Rory and our Lord Mayor.”

Steve and Genene Randell

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Errol Flynn has been underrated as an actor. He deserves more respect. His achievement has been overshadowed by many irresponsible rumors. Yes, he was the wildest one–but the most exciting one too. He was a misunderstood individual, far ahead of his time, in the rigid and puritanical America in the 1930s and 1940s. His autobiography, "My Wicked Wicked Ways," has helped me learn a great deal about life.

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ERROL FLYNN & BASIL RATHBONE ( SHERLOCK HOLMES) made a couple of movies together and were 2 of my very favorite actors. they were both great actors for their time and I never miss any of their old movies if I can catch them.I have seen ERROLS life story and it didn’t go very well for him towards the end which was ashame. You can look up ,amu of the old time stars, what happened to them, where they are laid to rest and quite alot of info on http://WWW.FINDADEATH,COM, its a very informative info cite on past stars of the screen & rock & roll.

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