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Girl with Dragon Tattoo: Will Fincher Cast Stewart? Or Unknown?

Girl with Dragon Tattoo: Will Fincher Cast Stewart? Or Unknown?

Thompson on Hollywood

David Fincher’s next directing gig will be Sony and producer Scott Rudin’s English-language version of Stieg Larsson’s global bestseller, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Playlist confirms. The movie is on the fast track with Steve Zaillian writing.

Fincher’s a great choice for the first Millenium picture. He’ll make it visually sharp and tense and up-to-the-minute technologically; he’ll make it fun. The question is, having discovered Kristen Stewart on Panic Room, will he cast her for his tough-girl hacker Lisbeth Salander? As we know, Stewart is a small, lean chameleon who can play both plain and gorgeous. And she’s a global star. UPDATE: The Playlist hears that while the studio wants Carey Mulligan, Fincher wants an unknown. It’s early days.

Meanwhile, Rudin is expected to move his deal from Disney/Miramax to Sony, where he enjoys a strong relationship with Amy Pascal. Like Miramax, Sony Pictures Classics can release Rudin’s artier features. (They’ve never released a Rudin film.) Given that financeer National Geographic Films is not yet set to distribute Rudin’s The Way Back, Peter Weir’s 40s prisoner-of-war drama starring Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, Ed Harris and Saoirse Ronan, I wonder if Rudin will steer it toward Sony.

Meanwhile Disney has pushed back its deadline again on Miramax bids. Neither Disney or MGM is getting the prices they want for their assets. And MGM’s creditors are extending the debt forbearance, again:

MGM said today its lenders agreed to extend the forbearance period and therefore will not seek remedies in connection with the nonpayment of interest and principal due on the company’s bank debt, including the revolving credit facility, through May 14, 2010. The lenders took this action in support of the Company’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its financial position, and MGM appreciates their continued support throughout the process.

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Wow. I seriously hope they do not cast Kristin Stewart as Salander. I don’t feel that she has the edge nor talent to pull of that part. Besides I doubt she will be willing to do a nude scene with not just a much older man but with other women too. All I can say is I will scream if she is cast and will most likely not see the movie.


David Fincher, please do your audience a favor and cast an unknown or bring Noomi Rapace to Hollywood. Portman, Mulligan, Stewart and friends will be a huge disappointment.


I agree that they should leave the movie alone. We all know it’s not going to happen, however. Therefore, from what i have seen so far ( runaways and so far..) Kristen Stewart can switch from soft to hardcore character in any movies. she fits the character and seems to have this dark side sleeping waiting to be awakened. Carey Mulligan, on the other hand, will not be able to pull it off from what i have seen, or she could you never know. So far without hesitation, i will say Kristen 100 percent. Why is it that people nowadays can discuss without the hate, the envy and jealousy?If for one second you were in their shoes and people were reacting in that specific manner toward you; you would feel as if you don’t deserve this. AT least, Some famous people are doing something with their lives. Their works are there to be appreciated and criticized but not the person himself. Learn how to differentiate, life would be so much simpler.


I doubt Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman and Ellen Page would want to star in the remake; they would not want to do any nude scene. (in the original film, the lead actress needs to get fully naked.)

Unless David Fincher decides to make the remake as PG-13 film without any nude scene, then Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman and Ellen Page would be willing to star in the film.


o.k. ‘re not angry with me.
I love kris and really any film that I’ve seen with her
……. but this Lisbeth Salander, one can not occupy the better
than Noomi Rapace.


I am certainly keen on watching this film.I’m sure that David Fincher can do a very good job and seeing Kristen Stewart as leading actress, especially in a Fincher film, is something I really want since she did a great job as Joan Jett in the Runaways film.


Casting Kristen Stewart (or the rumored Natalie Portman or Ellen Page) would be a huge, huge mistake. MASSIVE.

Lisbeth Salander (the character) came out of nowhere. That’s why she’s so intriguing, and she is the reason the books, and the Swedish movie, have had such success.

Therefore, Fincher needs to pull a Lee Daniels a la “Precious” and go out looking for someone who would be totally new to the Hollywood scene. Someone who can invent Salander on the US screen from the ground up.


AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGH! Girl with Dragon Tattoo as FUN? Kristen Stewart? She’s OK but she could never touch the original Lisbeth in all three films, Noomi Rapace– Why can’t you Americans leave a good thing alone? Tell your own wild stories–

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