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NYC Art House Unveils DIY Initiative

NYC Art House Unveils DIY Initiative

Filmmakers taking the DIY approach to distribution, particularly those hoping to launch a movie with a theatrical run, have a new ally in New York City. The program, with promotional benefits, gives filmmakers a run in the city for a flat fee.

Leading Manhattan art house, the Quad Cinema, has developed a new division called “Quad Cinema 4-Wall Select,” a program it styles as an opportunity for indie filmmakers to theatrically open a self-distributed movie in New York. The theater plans to “carefully select” films for the program to insure that titles participating in the new initiative “meet the Quad’s standards.”

Under the program, selected DIY features will receive a one-week theatrical run at the theater just off Manhattan’s Union Square. The program includes a pair of morning press screenings and a suite of marketing and PR services for the movie. Organizers are offering visibility in the Quad’s ads in the Friday edition of the New York Times and the weekly Village Voice. Additionally, 4-Wall Select includes a DVD sales program and an online digital outlet in cooperation with Amazon, enabling a film to be streamed and downloaded.

“I’ve come across more and more high-quality films without a distributor,” said Elliott Kanbar, president of Quad Cinema in a statement about the program.

“I know filmmakers spend a good deal of money and time to make a film,” Kanbar said, “It’s heartbreaking that, much too often, the filmmaker’s hopes and dreams crash simply because they couldn’t hook up with a distributor. That’s why I’ve decided to do something about this, by creating the Quad Cinema 4-Wall Select program.”

Other aspects of the new initiative include promotion in the Quad Cinema’s E-news letter, advertising discounts, access to the theater’s publicist at a “preferred rate” and listing on the Quad’s website.

Family owned and operated, the Quad Cinema was founded in 1972, and is Manhattan’s first four-screen theater.

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Make it affordable to the real indie film maker then you got a story. when people stop trying to screw everyone for the all mighty dollor thats when your going to have that fluctuation of great films making there way to the public. I dont make movies for the money, I do it for the love of the art!


I’ve dealt with $2-$4K to four-wall 1 screening … so not so bad considering


I inquired, it’s $11K for one week.


Sounds cool to me! I wonder about pricing though


@renoirstheatre, yes you can 4-wall at most theaters for a fee, but typically it’s not a true week run, just a couple days, and most theaters won’t do anything to help you in terms of marketing, PR, or additional sales. If Quad really does promote filmmakers and films in this fashion, it is 10x more than most theaters would [this is coming from someone who has 4-walled many times and done several national releases]

@cinephilia, and your point is? Every major news outlet runs stories that may or may not coincide with advertising. Is this a surprise? Do the NY Times or LA Times run a disclaimer on every film they review? Do any bloggers run disclaimers on every film they review? Welcome to reality. News is news. It’s up to you to determine whether you think it’s biased. I think the most “controversial” word in this piece is “Leading”? Not much of a controversy in my mind.


oh cinephilia just what are you implying? pretty much everyone who has a story on indieWIRE has advertised at one point or another. Did Magnet get their Monsters coverage because they ran a banner the last two weeks for Mother? How about SPC and the Broken Embraces banners being featured all over the site?


You can pretty much four wall any theatre in the country for the right amount of money. That being said, I don’t know what the PR machine at the Quad is capable of, but that might have some value.

My thoughts are that there’s not much new here. Move along… move along.


Disclaimer: Quad Cinemas is an advertiser for indieWIRE.

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