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Oscar Talk Episode 24: Final Oscar Picks

Oscar Talk Episode 24: Final Oscar Picks

Thompson on Hollywood

Kris Tapley and I agree on many things, but as we make our final Oscar picks, we debate the last contentious categories: original screenplay, cinematography, art direction, editing and yes, best picture. We will analyze the winners on Monday.

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Thanks Anne and Kris – 24 podcasts=24 categories and what great coverage. What i’m picking up, over and over, is the fickeness of the voters, who are courted and feted, and finally influenced by gravitas, momentum and the like, and not the calibre of the film/performance. Kris nailed this perfectly last week by referring to Bullock’s ‘mediocre’ performance, and that the Academy would award her the Oscar, as this could be their only chance to do so. This week it’s Hurt Locker, potentially affected by that email – if we assume those last 600 ballots all went against Locker, what a joke! Why should this affect Bigelow & Co’s fine achievement? Also, we rightly keep hearing of the ‘unsophisticated’ voters who make random uninformed choices in certain categories. The Golden Globes are rightly dismissed as not much more than a party-op, so how are the Oscars much better? Sure, they are the main event, but for me the unbiased recognition by groups such as the NY Film Critics Circle carry the day – just call up their past awards for proof of this – certain past dodgy Oscar choices show up a glaring why, why why?! Now we now why, and your great, on-going analysis has been invaluable! Thanks again, and let’s hope that it’s Bigelow/Locker/Streep/Renner..the big surprise could well be Freeman.

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