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Oscar Talk Episode 25: The Final Wrap-up

Oscar Talk Episode 25: The Final Wrap-up

Thompson on Hollywood

Kris Tapley and I wrap up the Oscar season, from my night on the red carpet, backstage and at the Governor’s Ball and how the show played, to why Geoffrey Fletcher’s adapted screenplay beat Jason Reitman’s for Up in the Air and Avatar won only three Oscars.

This year’s dramatic Oscar campaign was fun but exhausting, and we’re glad it’s over. We’ll go on hiatus until May 7, for a pre-Cannes walk-up.

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Nadia Hassan

The notion of “be pure” seems to forget the academy definitely has a populist streak (i.e. 2003, 2001, 1996). Also, consider several of AFI’s top 10 movies (‘of all time’) didn’t win the top prize at the Academy Awards. That’s not to knock them, so much as to acknowledge reality. It’s not just about racking up high numbers on Nielsen, but having a voice that resonates with masses as well.

Joe Baltake

Re the Oscarcast, of all the things that bugs me annually about it (and there are dozens), the one truly annoying thing is its seemingly willful inability to honor everyone – EVERYONE – who died during the preceding year. This year, they missed Farrah, Bea (Arthur) and Marilyn Chambers. (Carrie is the only one to note Chambers’ passing in her end-of-year piece and bravo to her.) Meanwhile, Michael Jackson who made only one film to my knowledge – the execreable “The Wiz” – was included. Two years ago, they overlooked Adrienne Shelly whose murder made Big Headlines. Also Dennis Weaver and Brad Renfro. (In the meantime, James Doohan, known only for TV’s “Star Trek,” was honored two – count ’em – two years in a row.) How difficult is it to keep a list of who died when and then honor it? If that’s too much trouble for the Academy, maybe it should license Turner Classic’s In Memorium, which is always definitive.

Nick Ramsey

Looking forward to hearing your lovely voice on many future podcasts, especially the upcoming non-Oscar one (Cannes!).

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