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Girl with Dragon Tattoo Heads Toward Mulligan and Pitt?

Girl with Dragon Tattoo Heads Toward Mulligan and Pitt?

Thompson on Hollywood

Word from England has Carey Mulligan ardently seeking to play the role of Lisbeth Salander in the upcoming David Fincher remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo written by Steve Zaillian. Note: Zaillian has not handed in his script, and no final casting is imminent. “Nothing is real,” warns producer Scott Rudin. “Haven’t even started yet!”

But Sony and Rudin are gung-ho about this project based on Stieg Larsson’s globally bestselling Millenium Trilogy. They also know that the three hit Dragon Tattoo Swedish films have built a huge worldwide fan base.

Thompson on Hollywood

Rising star Mulligan is a strong bet (although Fincher has cited the possibility of an unknown), but at least she is European. Not so Brad Pitt, who has been dangled a bigger payday than the one he’s accepted for Bennett Miller’s Moneyball, which slashed its budget by some $30-million in order to get made. Hollywood is still in the business of spending money on movies and stars—as long as a proven global brand and following already exist. Pitt will see the script when it comes in June 1.

Mulligan would need to toughen up considerably for this role. Pitt seems too American to me. My fantasy of a Euro-centric movie may be just that, although I have learned that Zaillian’s script is set in Sweden, and accents are going to be in order. To have moved late journalist Larsson’s authentic, well-reported political trilogy to an American setting would have been a mistake.

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Sherri makes some good observations! Katie Jarvis would be a massive leap for the Studio. I don’t doubt that she could pull it off either. RAW talent there. Might need help with a cheesy US accent.

I honestly can’t believe so many people are suggesting actresses who are so tall. Is it me or is Salander’s shortness integral to the plot specifically in the 2nd and 3rd book. Muligan: 5’7, Keira Knightley: 5’7, Kristen (Can’t Act) Stewart: 5’6. Salander is meant to appear helpless, worthless and paradoxically ‘weak’.

It was the only thing that bothered me about the PERFECT take on Salander from Rapace.

Ellen Page: 5’1.

I’m guessing lots of ‘film fans’ who are commenting on these rumours have NEVER EVER seen Hard Candy. Otherwise she would be top of a lot of people’s wishlists for Salander.


Katie Jarvis from Fishtank is a brilliant suggestion!! Carey Mulligan would probably be very good and also Ellen Page would be an interesting choice. (Think “Hard Candy” Ellen Page)

The character, Lisbeth, is very complex and they need an actress who can go to some dark and vulnerable places and who can ACT! That means Megan Fox and Kristen Stewart are out. Kristen can act but she lacks charisma and fire.


Yesterday’s news. This rumor is debunked. Scott Rudin confirms “absolutely not true,” and Fincher’s team, though expressing admiration of Mulligan as an actress, also deny this report.


Return of the Troll!


This is just a rumor. At least I hope so for Fincher’s sake. I’m a huge fan of his. He has switched studios and this casting isn’t chosen yet. Some reports allude to Fincher preferring an unknown for this. It’s unknown to date, but there is a lot of conjecture reported on it. I wish they’d let the man do what he does so well without throwing dimples at it.

It’s true that Mulligan has expressed open interest in the role – all over the place. It’ that the listing appeared in her IMDB profile and some at the old studio were pitching for her. Ugh.

Otherwise, if casting a known actress, Stewart was pretty much born for this. I love the books, and the Swedish version with Rapace. I don’t think I’d pay to see Mulligan in this even if it was a Fincher product. It’s just that subjectively, not to be rude, Mulligasn pulls me out of every movie I’ve ever seen her in and suddenly I’m aware of the uncomfortable chair or the sound of popcorn being chewed all around me. Uncomfortable – affected.


Casting against type, I dig. I’m glad they’re going with an actual quality actress instead of a Megan Fox. Looks like Carey Mulligan will really get to let her hair down with this role, uhh… well… sorta.

I’m fine with Brad. But if were going with an actor David Fincher has worked with before, my preference would be Edward Norton.

The American version may not be better that the original, but the American sequels will likely be a helluva lot better than the Sweedish made-for-tv sequels(true story) that they’ll be shoveling into theaters soon.


Carey is too good for this, I hated the books and the film is so overrated, one rape scene should be enough, right ?


The Brits-in-Sweden-speaking-English move worked brilliantly in the TV “Wallander.”

And the key to a great performance is not what somebody is. As Laurence Olivier famously said to Dustin Hoffman when he having a Method meltdown on the the set of “Marathon Man,” “My dear boy, you could always try ACTING.”


When I first heard about this, here were my thoughts: First choice – Megan Fox, 2nd choice – Ellen Page, 3rd choice – Carey Mulligan. So I’m okay with it. But Brad Pitt’s got to go. That is Jason Statham’s role all the way. No 2nd or 3rd choices on this one.


Mulligan would be ideal for this role, and give her a chance to display her considerable acting chops. Do it Fincher.

Joe Valdez

David Fincher agreeing to direct a remake of what is essentially a perfect movie is depressing news, Anne. The only thing I could think of that would be any worse is if this was in 3-D or Megan Fox was cast.

I’m baffled that they would keep the setting in Sweden but cast Americans and Brits speaking English. That makes no sense to me. And Sony is not going to spend $100 million on a movie with Swedish actors. I think completely making over the story and setting it in North America is the only way to go, if you have no choice but go through with a remake.

As talented as Fincher is and with as many actors who’d be willing to cut their fees to work with him, why can’t he challenge himself and try to make a down and dirty thriller or drama for $12 million?


Gack !!! Not bland Pitt or pretty boy Clooney in this role. I want to see someone with real edge, like Russell Crowe as Blomquist.

Mulligan is a sweet, quiet actress, but I can’t even imagine her as the dark, edgy Lizbeth. The only thing that’s right about her is her age.


My dream casting would be Ellen Page and George Clooney just because they seem so unmatched and Page is the best young actress in dark roles and Clooney is excellent in do-gooder roles.

This doesn’t seem like Mulligan’s scene (she’s a period drama chick) but I’m confident that Pitt-Fincher will be good together even if Brad Pitt is way too handsome for Mikael.

Gonna seem a bit out of context being set in Sweden with English actors. Defeats the point in another adaptation; there’s already a film about the same story set in Sweden and it’s very good.

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