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Harrison Ford to Star in Cowboys & Aliens, Tweets Favreau

Harrison Ford to Star in Cowboys & Aliens, Tweets Favreau

Thompson on Hollywood

The new indie mantra is all about DIY marketing via social network groups, Facebook pages, tweets. Killer Films producer Christine Vachon’s (@kvpi) 1404 followers know where she is on any given production because she tells them. “Locking the budget on MILDRED PIERCE,” she tweeted on Monday. (We also know that she prefers chemo therapy to a root canal.) Certain people get how to play the game.

Naturally, marketing-savvy @BruckheimerJB gets the promo aspect: “incredible cast coming together for PIRATES 4,” he tweets. “Congratulations to all on the smashing premiere of MIAMI MEDICAL, last night’s most-watched program.” And, “Footage from both PRINCE OF PERSIA and SORCERER’S APPRENTICE got fantastic response here at WonderCon. Women screaming for Jake Gyllenhaal.”

@Jon_Favreau is more aggressive still. Like @TomHanks and @JaneFonda, the actor-director likes to post twitpics–memorably shooting from the stage at July’s Iron Man 2 presentation at Comic-Con last year. “Iron Man 2 is signed, sealed, delivered!” he wrote recently. But Wednesday Favreau went a step further and made the announcement that Harrison Ford is starring in Cowboys and Aliens: “Please stop asking if Harrison Ford is in Cowboys & Aliens. Okay? He is. Please don’t tell anybody.”

Of course the word spread through the Net like wildfire.

How coolly efficient, to learn that news direct from the source rather than through a studio press release? Who needs the trades anyway? My job as a trade blogger is to pass it on to whoever may have missed it. UPDATE: THR suggests Favreau has been getting heat for his rogue tweets.

@kevinspacey posts the trailer for The Old Vic’s latest revival of John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation, and sent tweets from China for partner Dana Brunetti to post for him: “Film in China is INSEPARABLE. Directed by Dayyan Eg. He did a short BUS 44, that won a bunch of awards. No crazy food for me. Smiles -” and “China is an experience. Been filming 2 wks. Daniel Wu, great actor & humble. Crew very good & enjoying the time. Hope all are well.” He also debunks a rumor, another useful way to use Twitter: “Great to hang w/Kate Moss last wk but not sure where stories of her treading boards at the Old Vic came from. Not a grain of truth in it!” Spacey also used Twitter to push people to attend an Old Vic fundraiser starring Eddie Izzard.

@G_Hickenlooper tweeted up to the last day of production in June of Casino Jack. “Getting ready for the last day of the shoot tomorrow. Going to be sad… until the wrap party!” Then: nothing.

@johncusack tweets about politics a lot. And @JasonReitman’s tweets have been more intermittent since Oscar night. He’s catching up on old movies these days.

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I wonder if this might signal the beginning of a Harrison Ford comeback. He has gone off and down some small movies the last few years, with some bad luck. CROSSING OVER was edited severely. EXTREME MEASURES was too sappy. He hired Kathryn Bigelow when her career was at a low point for K-19, which I think will come to be seen as an under-appreciated film. Harrison is reuniting with his old buddy J.J. Abrams from REGARDING HENRY. COWBOYS AND ALIENS sounds like the type of fun movie that Harrison probably has not done since AIR FORCE ONE. Welcome back, my old friend.

Michael Hughes

Hey, I wanted to follow Favreau on Twitter and your name for him is a bit off. It’s actually @Jon_Favreau, with an underscore. Just helping out if anyone else wanted to follow him.

Joe Valdez

I enjoy these posts about which celebrities are thriving in Web 2.0 and which are flunking.

I find Christine Vachon’s approach to Twitter sublime. It’s like a real-time film school textbook. Self-promotion in her case is purely circumstantial. Her followers are getting information they can’t get anywhere else. Imagine that. Giving your followers something.

The Bruckheimers and others using Twitter as a billboard for themselves and their projects, reporting dry news which can readily be found on or 10 other sites is really unimaginative and gets absolutely no follow from me.

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