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Jimmy Fallon Tries Out iPad Plus Reviews

Jimmy Fallon Tries Out iPad Plus Reviews

Thompson on Hollywood

Do I absolutely need an iPad? No, I have a MacBook and a BlackBerry. But I really want one. Can I afford $500 for an iPad? Yes. How many dinners out would pay for it? Not so many. It’s totally tax-deductable, I need to write about it for my work. I could kill all my subscriptions and save lots of trees, sit in my breakfast nook every morning and read the iPad instead. And I could carry it in my purse with me instead of packing up the laptop. I just might be getting up to join the throngs tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: While I tried out the Kindle and Sony E-Reader, I was unhappy with their limited text-only sequestered universe. On the iPad, I could easily read books and scripts. And not having an iPhone or iTouch makes getting an iPad more appealing. I almost pushed the buy button at the online Apple Store Friday night but balked–I need to figure out if I want the 3G ATT version available later this month in time for Cannes. UPDATE: The Mac salesman at Best Buy talked me out of 3G, and it won’t work overseas anyway. I loved playing with the iPad (here’s Popular Mechanics’ review), but noticed that the apps cost real money, and add up fast. And they vary in quality (Netflix and Reuters stood out). This Fast Company argument against buying the iPad convinced me to wait–for now.

Here are five things movie lovers can do with the iPad. Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington, NYT’s David Carr and WSJ’s Walt Mossberg talk the iPad on Charlie Rose. Time’s James Poniewozik is manfully resisting.

Here’s Jimmy Fallon Friday night:

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Looks great — but not for me until it can truly replace my laptop. The goal is one compact but still big enough device that does everything. Not quite there yet.

Anne Thompson

some folks are trying to convince me to wait til end of month for (more expensive) 3G with ATT service for when wifi isn’t available. wondering about cannes. It could be useful to have there, but better to have 3G?

Scott Macaulay

Oh no, Anne, if you get one then I’m going to have to cave and get one….

Really, I’ve never seen a marketing ramp-up like this one before. Charlie Rose was positively rhapsodic about it for a full hour with Walt Mossberg and David Carr last night. Time, Newsweek…


I would never spend twice (or more) for an iBook over what an equivalent PC costs. I’ve used both and the practical aspect just comes to the fore. Sometimes though it’s worth paying for a wondrous design and I’ve a feeling that iPad might be just that. Enough for now, have to get back to figuring out all the features on my new iPod touch, a fucking brilliant overpriced way to listen to music.

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