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WonderCon Sneak Peeks Inception, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Toy Story 3, Prince of Persia

WonderCon Sneak Peeks Inception, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Toy Story 3, Prince of Persia

Thompson on Hollywood

This weekend, San Francisco played host to a big multi-studio fan press junket at WonderCon, a pint-sized adjunct to July’s giant ComicCon in San Diego. Disney imported producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Nic Cage and Jake Gyllenhaal and screened footage from Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Toy Story 3 (which they have now tantalizingly screened in its entirety thrice, at Showest, International YouTube vloggers day and a Pixar screening for long-lead press). They also staged a viral event for Tron Legacy (see video below).

Thompson on Hollywood

Catnip for genre fans, The Losers’ Chris Evans talked to press about why he took the role of Captain America. (Here’s a gushy tweet from @colliderfrosty: “cool moment of the day for me: Chris Evans (Captain America) came over to say goodbye before leaving the press room. The guy is super nice. he remembered me from set visit/a few interviews.”)

Lionsgate screened Kick-Ass (April 16), which is tracking poorly outside of the young male quadrant. And BBC America wowed crowds with the new Dr. Who first episode, which airs April 17 (see first few moments of episode below).

Thompson on Hollywood

But the big reveal Saturday was that Warner Bros. not only junketed The Losers (April 23) and The Nightmare on Elm Street remake (April 30), but a new trailer from Chris Nolan’s Inception (July 16), which io9 describes as “basically James Bond in cyberspace, where heists involve stealing people’s dreams – literally.” The LAT’s Geoff Boucher (UPDATE: who moderated a panel and reports on the Con Phenom) goes into real detail, as he actually interviewed Nolan on the set (trailer below):

Thompson on Hollywood

“Inception,” the 39-year-old director’s seventh feature film and his first foray into science fiction, combines the perception riddles of “Memento” and the sheer scale of “Dark Knight” with its $160-million budget and location shoots in Morocco, France, Japan and three other countries. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a specialist in the new branch of corporate espionage — he’s a dream thief who plucks secrets from the minds of tycoons after pumping them full of drugs and hooking them up to a mysterious contraption. The problem, though, is the land of nod can be volatile — as can DiCaprio’s character, Dom Cobb, who is a wounded dreamer after the loss of his beloved wife.


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Anne Thompson

A friend who used some devious net trickery to watch the Dr. Who premiere on Saturday writes:

“All I can say is…. Best companion ever. The two of them have more chemistry than any couple you’ve seen in any Hollywood movie for about twenty years.

“[Matt] Smith is born to the role.

Really not a flaw.”


Anne, You Tube BBC’s Party Animals to get an idea of why Matt Smith was cast as The Doctor. He’s perfect for the role.

Anne Thompson

I already caught the typo!


Jack Gyllenhaal? That family will be the next Baldwins!

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