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Julie Taymor Talks The Tempest, Spider-Man

Julie Taymor Talks The Tempest, Spider-Man

Thompson on Hollywood

Writer-director Julie Taymor is in Cannes promoting her film take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which Icon International is selling in the market. “Isn’t it Disney?” I asked Lionsgate UK’s Nick Manzi. He responded: “Yes, but not all over the world.”

Thompson on Hollywood

The $20-million indie-funded Miramax pick-up, long in the works, is finally coming out in December via Disney’s Touchstone label, which is fine with Taymor. She says the film wasn’t ready for Cannes (it is screening in the market, though not for press) and will likely play the fall fest circuit en route to a December award-season opening. However mainstream or commercial the movie turns out to be, with Helen Mirren as Prospera, Ben Whishaw as Ariel and Djiman Hounsou as Caliban, costumes (Oscar-winner Sandy Powell), cinematography (Stuart Dryburgh), production design (Mark Friedberg) and score (Elliot Goldenthal) should be factors in the Oscar mix. (Mirren has a second movie in the market here, her husband Taylor Hackford’s Love Ranch.)

Two-part flip-cam interview is below.

Taymor’s still working on Broadway musical Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark which is a go for a Hilton Theatre fall 2010 opening with Bono and Edge’s music, but she is unwilling to finalize casting and an opening date as yet. Peter Parker will be played L.A. rocker Reeve Carney, who stars in The Tempest as young prince Ferdinand. Taymor was only mentioning Thomas Mann’s Transposed Heads as a pie-in-the-sky project she’d like to do someday, she told me. It’s early days yet on that one.

We talked poolside at the Majestic:

Taymor Part 1:

Find more videos like this on AnneCam

Part 2:

Find more videos like this on AnneCam

Here’s my Taymor profile for Across the Universe..

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hi Good to know we’ll be able to see at least The Tempest from among Miramax-doomed titles. Fantastic news, thanks! :-)

Anne Thompson

The flip-cam has limitations, as does its little tripod. But it’s worth it to me to be able to run around and grab these interviews with something I can throw in my purse, which is easy to load up on the blog. Far from slick. People tell me about a better more flexible tripod and fill lights I can carry with me, etc. For me it’s more about hearing what these people havw to say.

Raving Dave

Cock-eyed framing. Underexposed picture. You don’t have to have any talent or training to be a camera-person, just buy a “flip cam” like Anne Thompson!


Good to know we’ll be able to see at least The Tempest from among Miramax-doomed titles. Fantastic news, thanks! :-)


Fascinating interview — Taymor articulate and assured. I must admit that I’m now impelled to see Mirren play Prospero! “Oh brave new world that has such people in it.”

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