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Rotten Tomatoes Integrates with iTunes

Rotten Tomatoes Integrates with iTunes

Thompson on Hollywood

As of May 20, Rotten Tomatoes is integrated with Apple’s iTunes Store. Thus the Tomatometer scores that aggregate reviews from hundreds of critics are now part of the information page for movies across the web on the iPhone iTunes application. Users can click for more info directly from the iTunes Store to Rotten Tomatoes.

Rotten Tomatoes is now part of Flixster; together the sites and their mobile apps reach more than 30 million moviegoers each month.

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I think this is a brilliant idea. There are several good rating sites out there and personally I think Rotten Tomatoes is one of them. For more information read this rather interesting article.


Agree completely with the comment. Plus, no offense, but Rotten Tomato reviewers are overwhelmingly guys and it’s reflected in the scores. (guess women don’t do the movie geek thing) Some actresses cumulative scores are unbelievably low because they’ve appeared in romantic comedies which the system you describe above scores as mostly rotten, even if the reviews are mostly “meh.” Women reviewers would probably review formulaic movies aimed at women (romantic comedies) higher and men would review formulaic movies aimed at men (action, comic books) higher, but there are FAR more men reviewers than women reviewers. So the system you accurately described above, plus the overwhelming majority of reviewers being men results in some women’s scores being lower than something like the Saw movies which were called torture porn. So something that a lot of people found reprehensible scored higher than the average romantic comedy because some people actually really liked the Saw movies (ugh) whereas the women’s movies collective “meh” scores translated to “rotten.” It would be funny if it didn’t reinforce the idea that women can’t carry movies. People constantly refer to the Tomatometer as a measure of critics opinions, it surely affects people’s decisions. I’m not a romantic comedy fan, I haven’t seen that many, but judging from what I have seen I can’t imagine they are all Ed Wood bad, like these scores. 28% 25% 11%
Come on, that’s not a real measure of those actresses

Supposedly critics like the Saw movies much more 48% 36% 41%
That’s just nuts. People should speak out about this.

Plus Rotten Tomatoes’ standards for TomatoMeter “critics” are pretty lax, it would be somewhat better if people referred to the top critics. But better still to refer to Metacritic or just your favorite real reviewers.

Sick of Rotten Tomatoes

I think this is a huge mistake. Rotten Tomatoes is the worst, most deceptive move review site on the web. You cannot review films by a simple pass or fail score. Some films might earn mainly 45 to 55 percent scores from reviewers, but on Rotten Tomatoes those reviews translate into ROTTEN scores, and once the consistently “Rotten” scores add up, a decent or well crafted film with some flaws or a single quadrant audience is relegated to a very low Rotten Tomatoes score like 16 or 14 percent, whereas Meta Critic or another site might rate the same movie in the 45 to 55 percent range. And the user score on IMDB will probably be in 6-7/10 range. Now as they try to sell downloads and rentals, these big ugly Rotten Tomato scores are staring potential buyers and renters in the face. So effing misguided.

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