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Russell Crowe: Angry Star Ponders What Next?

Russell Crowe: Angry Star Ponders What Next?

Thompson on Hollywood

In my latest Career Watch column, I ponder the future of the latest Robin Hood, Russell Crowe. Crowe is one of a trio of angry male stars, including Sean Penn (undergoing anger management treatment) and Ryan Gosling. They’re good, very good. They’re not conventionally handsome. They’re capable of great strength, power, and sensitivity. And they’re very angry. Not always in a good way.

Next Step: Crowe stars opposite Elizabeth Banks in Paul Haggis’ relationship thriller ‘The Next Three Days,’ due in November. He’s in the mix on Philip Noyce’s ‘Dirt Music,’ with Rachel Weisz and Colin Farrell. Fox wants to put together a sequel to ‘Master & Commander.’ Crowe told Britain’s Daily Mail that he’d love to sing and dance in a real Bollywood film, and expressed interested in playing washed-up alcoholic star Norman Main in a remake of ‘A Star is Born.’ But reports are that the filmmakers are chasing Gerard Butler to play the role opposite Beyonce.

What should Crowe do next?

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He’s absolutely on the right track with Robin Hood; it’s the kind of role he was born to play, but he was born to play it in a better movie. Not that Robin Hood is bad; it’s just not all it could have been.

More medieval roles would be good; I’m really hoping to see him as a straight-up sci-fi fantasy hero. A serious romance/romantic comedy (provided it’s intelligent enough) would also be good.

While his image is exaggerated by all accounts, it is true that he hasn’t had a movie that’s passed $100 million in the States since A Beautiful Mind, apart from American Gangster, which had Denzel Washington. I imagine he might like it that way, as it means less media attention, but he needs a comeback. Robin Hood does seem to have a shot. And of course, it’s one movie that could use a sequel.

je pressman

Ah the perpetuation of the Dark Legend of Russell Crowe continues . This actor has been on any number of talk shows promoting Robin Hood and of course other films from the past. He doesn’t come across as angry at all.Actually he tells a good story, an anecdote or two and looks relaxed. Angry? No. You know I have wondered what Hollywood was planning on doing next,besides animated features, super hero/comic book movies and video game action flicks. What should Hollywood do next?



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