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Cruise vs. Cruise, Kimmel Rides Zipline, Knight and Day B.O.

Cruise vs. Cruise, Kimmel Rides Zipline, Knight and Day B.O.

Thompson on Hollywood

Compare the real Tom Cruise doing stunts on Jimmy Kimmel — and the fake Tom Cruise below. @TomCruise is all over Twitter with his blog posts. Not missing a trick. (Again, I think he should pull back on trying to get people’s attention.)

So what went wrong with Knight and Day‘s opening weekend? Well, it was neither a good opening for a summer tentpole nor a Cruise action flick. But what if it’s a Cruise/Diaz romantic action comedy that plays and builds? Next weekend will tell the tale. The movie’s Tomatometer rating was 53% rotten, and the film’s CinemaScore was B+ with an A- for those under 25. (The LAT talks to Fox marketer Tony Sella about their troubles selling the movie.)

Another pesky problem: Twilight: Eclipse will prove to be a slight distraction. But there will be plenty of moviegoers to go around over the July 4 weekend. We’ll have a holiday box office preview tomorrow.

While Cruise isn’t the marquee star he once was (and clearly has turned off legions of people with his antics), Knight and Day‘s poor showing is a case of familiarity breeds discontent. It looks too much like films we’ve seen before.

Fans think Cruise is playing the same character he always plays. Some think he’s a bad actor.( I don’t.) But what he needs to do now is stop playing this too-familiar adrenaline-crazed larger-than-life movie persona and lose himself in some characters (like the villain in Collateral) that we haven’t seen him play before. He needs to surprise us.

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Knight & Day= Excellent Summer Blockbuster..I don’t know what ya’ll saw But TC was incredible, the entire picture was fantastic! People (daily haters & critics) just hatin’ on this movie because of Tom Cruise personally. Admit it. Tom Cruise is larger than life. Every move he makes hits the news. I bet deep inside, after watching the movie, walking out the theaters everyone who saw it was impressed. When it was time for typing, the love went away and all the hate was being typed. Toy Story has a larger crowd base (kids age 5-14), Grown Ups I mean c’mon thats more of a DVD kind of movie (dialogue, dialogue and some more dialogue). Say what you say BUT Knight & Day kicked ass. Finally an awesome movie this Summer.


Knight and Day an old-fashioned movie?? That I do not agree with. There is nothing old school about this “spy-action” thriller filled with CGI effects. I can’t imagine a comparison to GWTW or It’s a Wonderful Life.

Cruise was at the top of the heap and now it appears is on the downward slope – this is why people talk about him. Other actors were not where he was, hence the discussion. It’s completely fair to discuss it, and I must say that I am rather annoyed at reading comments (that all sound curiously alike) that seem to want to take issue with people talking about him AT ALL. Since he put himself forward we have the right to scrutinize him -and not only to sing his praises.

KaMeek Lucas Taitt

I agree completely with Giselle.


How come other actors flops are not a big deal? The highest standards only applies to Cruise.Leave this guy alone…no actor can beat kid and teen movies or stupid crass comedies.
Do you see the trend of modern vs old fashioned movie?
TC’s movie was old school charm. These days its all about Michael Bay style of movies whereas the Gone with the Wind,Bird in a Wire or Its a Wonderful life type of movies are long gone.


Your comments on Cruise is spot-on,Anne.I also think he is a talented actor,but he definitely needs to surprise us.Tom should know that and I’m sure he knows that now.

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