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Helen Mirren Poses Nude for New York Magazine

Helen Mirren Poses Nude for New York Magazine

Thompson on Hollywood

While she isn’t Lindsay Lohan, Helen Mirren’s bikini shot below got plenty of play, and now she’s posing nude in a bathtub–on the stump for Love Ranch, directed by her husband Taylor Hackford. It’s a far cry from The Queen.

Mirren is a testament to staying sexy no matter how old you are. These photos are not doctored. This is Mirren as she is, in all her glory. She turns 65 in July. We should all look so good at that age.

Thompson on Hollywood

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But of course She’s one of dem furriners. They don’t have those kind of hang-ups like us Amuuuricans do


The interesting thing about her, aside from looking great for age, is that since she hasn’t desperately clung to youth, she can still do period films, and has her pick of any good older women roles that come along. So many top actresses get work done on their face to cling to looking 30ish. The result instead is to end up looking unnatural and freakish. The actresses are afraid of not getting work from looking too old, and instead they don’t get work from looking too strange.

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