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Knight and Day: Early Reviews Are Mixed

Knight and Day: Early Reviews Are Mixed

Thompson on Hollywood

I find myself rooting for James Mangold’s Knight and Day, which functions better as a breezy summer popcorn rom-com than an action-packed chase movie, as Justin Chang of Variety points out:

The locations change as often as the outfits in “Knight and Day,” a high-energy, low-impact caper-comedy that labors to bring a measure of wit, romance and glamour to an overworked spy-thriller template. Busy when it should be fizzy, and rather too fond of using a barrage of bullets or sudden blackout to cut short its so-so comic banter, this inelegant contraption still delivers the requisite eyeful, mostly by way of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Even with star power no longer a B.O. guarantee, the Fox release should lure audiences seeking a midsummer escape; fittingly, prospects look best overseas.

I want the movie to succeed because the studios need evidence that it is possible to sell an original movie, after all. They need to be reminded that taking chances (god, have we come to casting Cruise and Diaz in a summer action comedy as a risky move?) are worth doing. On Friday on the Fox lot, I ran into Fox co-chairman Tom Rothman speed-walking to the commissary. He basically said he was crossing his fingers that word-of-mouth could sell an original. Well, it worked on Avatar. The LAT picked up my story announcing Saturday sneak previews before the Wednesday June 23 opening–without any credit, of course.

Here’s The Hollywood Reporter:

Bottom Line: Logic and plausibility take a holiday in this nonstop actioner that counts on stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz to sell the nonsense.

I suspect the movie plays better for women than men, actually. Here’s a female response. And 77% of Flixster users want to see it. Cruise and Diaz interview each other on this promo featurette.

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Wouldn’t pay a dime to see any Tom Cruise movie. People would be shocked to see where “his cult” puts their money and how much of his money they recieve…..It’s a scary thing.


Also saw the sneak peek of Knight and Day last night. The audience laughed throughout and my husband and I joined right in- Cruise and Diaz make a very fun duo. One tiny complaint: The movie was about 20 minutes too long.


I saw a pre screening of “Knight and Day” last night and it was very good. The audience laughed at all the right parts and everyone around me seemed very engaged in it. I’d see it again.


^^^and maybe he needs to stop supporting a crazy cult that abuses people and commits crimes? Maybe he needs to be truthful about his life and stop being a phony? Google “the truthrundown”, see what you would be supporting if you throw your money at any of his films.

The thing is twenty years ago, we bought the act. Not buying it anymore.


The public loves a comeback story. I believe it is inevitable that someday the former “biggest star in the world” will make a comeback. However, I’m not sure that today is that day. Beyond the craziness, the qualities that the public first liked about Cruise are still there, and they can learn to love him again. I even think that this film is exactly the right kind of role to get him there. It makes fun of what the public sees as his flaws. But, for whatever reason, it seems that the film won’t work. Maybe it is the wrong time. Maybe it is the wrong co-star. Maybe he needs to rebuild his cred with supporting roles.


Why is that flixster claims to have more than 70,000 comments on the film yet there is not a single comment. Quite curious.

And for that matter why is it so amazingly off the tracking numbers?

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