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Mad Men: Waiting for Season Four

Mad Men: Waiting for Season Four

Thompson on Hollywood

I know there are other things I should have been doing this weekend, like tracking down new indies at LAFF, finishing my taxes, viewing some of the screeners piled on my coffee table, or catching up with my backlog of unwritten posts. But I did watch the last four episodes of Mad Men season three–partly because the Emmy nominations are coming up July 31 (will the show beat last year’s 16 noms and two wins, including best drama?). But also because season four is looming. And I am looking forward to seeing the next installment of Mad Men (debuting on July 25 on AMC) almost as much as Chris Nolan’s Inception.

Why is Mad Men so alluring? Part of the fascination is that it’s a detailed cultural portrait of Manhattan in the years after my father and mother moved there in their 20s. They were Ivy League-educated and attractive and thought they held the world by the tail. My father was a social, jazz-loving, hard-drinking, Kool-smoking man who loved women; my mother was pregnant with me before she graduated from college, and gave birth to my brother three years later. My clueless parents broke up within five years–and decades later, each succumbed to smoking-related cancer. It was the period.

Judging from the photos on the jump, I suspect the show jumps ahead a few years from the end of the last episode.

Thompson on Hollywood
Thompson on Hollywood

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Anne Thompson

Robbie, thanks, I clarified.


The Emmy nominations are not out yet. You should mention somewhere up there that you are, in fact, linking to an article about last year’s awards.


thank you for sharing your poignant story with us, Anne


Nothing official from Matt Weiner, of course, but most of us Maddicts are speculating the new season’s only a short jump from December 1963, maybe mid 1964, in part because of a picture of Don driving a shiny new red 1964 convertible, and in part because the actress who plays Sally has been made a regualr cast member, and they can age her only so far.


Just finished season three myself, watched the last episode twice, didn’t want it to end. Some of my friends don’t like it, find it offensive, I find it delicious.

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