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Oscar Talk Summer Edition: Post-Cannes, Box Office Blues

Oscar Talk Summer Edition: Post-Cannes, Box Office Blues

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In our second Oscar Talk Summer Edition, In Contention‘s Kris Tapley and I cover his cross-country road trip, award contenders emerging from Cannes, and the disappointing summer so far, with some debate over indie darlings Winter’s Bone and The Kids Are Alright, which opens next week’s Los Angeles Film Festival.

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Out of Lesley Manville, Annette Bening, Michelle Williams, and Jennifer Lawrence, who has the best shot of winning the lead actress Oscar? Is it too soon to know your thoughts on the matter? Forgive me for being hasty, but I’m an actressexual!

“Actressexual” is a term coined by Nathaniel Rogers at The Film Experience. Credit where credit is due, you know what I’m sayin.


There is also another surprise box office failure in this Summer: “Mother And Child”. The film would be one of the very few box office disappointments from Sony Pictures Classics in recent years. “Mother and Child” has famous cast, strong reviews and marketable subject matter, and Sony Pictures Classics was pushing the film very hard. I can’t figure out why the film could not do better at US box office. I guess even Sony Pictures Classics is surprised to see that “Mother and Child” would gross less than “Chloe” (which Sony Pictures Classics clearly only intended to give a quick theatrical payoff to promote the DVD/Blu-ray release).

Maybe Rodrigo Garcia is just a very unlucky director?

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