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brainwash, nyc

brainwash, nyc

An actual, full-sized NYC taxicab set inside giant Matchbox packaging is among the items on display at ICONS, the New York City exhibit from Mr. Brainwash that fills some 15,000 square feet on West 13th St. in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District.

Featured in Banksy’s curious bio doc “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” Brainwash is the brand name for…

…a contemporary artist who is also apparently known as Thierry Guetta. The film features street art footage said to be shot by Guetta and tracks his recent rise to fame as Mr. Brainwash. Rubber tire cartoon characters, pink paint and riffs on Warhol work populate much of the spacious gallery that is easily accessible from the sidewalk.

Whoever Bansky is, my guess it had a hand in this show. The warehouse doors remain wide open daily through September, so wander in.

A staffer on site today told me that the exhibit is likely to change again before it closes this fall.

Oh, and feel grab a poster on your way out. They’re free and available on the folding table by the door.

iphone photos by eugene hernandez

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Conrad Bo

Mr Brainwash has sparked quite a bit of controversy, and that is always good for art. The most important aspect of his work is the fusion of pop and street art.The appropriation of some classic Andy Warhol, Banksy and Superstroke art are not appreciated by all, but the way he does it in my opinion is spectacular. I think in 20 years from now everybody will start to appreciate how revolutionary his appropriation techniques are. He also has a huge influence on The Superstroke Art Movement.
Conrad Bo
The Superstroke Art Movement.


Also check out the doc, “Banksy’s Coming For Dinner,” where I am invited to Joan Collin’s home for supper.

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