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Comic-Con: Green Lantern Reads The Oath

Comic-Con: Green Lantern Reads The Oath

Thompson on Hollywood

One of the memorable moments at the Con came during the Warner Bros. panel, when Ryan Reynolds delivered the Green Lantern oath for a young fan. While I remain cool toward this project–for whatever reason, Green Lantern (which peaked in the 40s and 50s) never made an impact on me–the interaction between movie actor and star-struck fan reflects the power of these super-hero movies.

Directed by Martin Campbell, the movie, which uses CGI to ripple a green costume over Reynolds’ impressive musculature, co-stars Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and ubiquitous baddie Mark Strong, in a refreshing change, as mentor Sinestro. It’s set for release next summer, June 17. (Here’s the Green Lantern Wikipedia history.)

Reynolds’ oath, press conference highlights and other Green Lantern Comic-Con coverage is below.

The Oath:

The press conference highlights:

Reynolds walks the press line:

More press conference:

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