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Comic-Con: Stabbing Over Seat Delays Universal Hall H Panel, Cowboys & Aliens

Comic-Con: Stabbing Over Seat Delays Universal Hall H Panel, Cowboys & Aliens

Thompson on Hollywood

There were many delays in Hall H Saturday. One of them came around 4:45 PM when one over-wrought attendee stabbed another in the face, causing what the cops called a minor injury. Here’s Variety’s report. Six thousand movie fans stood in long lines to get into the packed Hall for the Warner Bros. panel that morning, which unveiled Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern and wowed the crowd with new footage of Part I of the Harry Potter finale.

Video of the Cowboys & Aliens panel is below.

Thompson on Hollywood

CHUD’s Devin Faraci was so impressed that he wondered if the Academy might nominate the film for the top ten, finally, as the series reaches its conclusion. Sequels are always tough to gauge with the Academy, which tends to nominate them only when previous sequels have been nominated. Historically, the Academy has not been generous to Potter.

Thompson on Hollywood

As a matter of fact, the angry face-stabber was wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt. Security grabbed him, but no arrests were made. Apparently the two men were friends who got into a “scuffle” resulting in a “pin” under the eye, reports Variety–or was it a pen? Here’s EW and the LAT. Only after a series of trailers were the Universal panels for Paul, a road comedy written by Simon Pegg and co-starring Pegg and Nick Frost and Sigourney Weaver, and Jon Favreau’s Leone-inspired western Cowboys and Aliens able to proceed. Both were well-received. Universal execs were all smiles.

Cowboys & Aliens Panel Pt. 1 –

Cowboys & Aliens Panel Pt. 2 –

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Devin Faraci is a fan, not a serious movie critic though. Remember, this is the guy that thought Terminator: Salvation was better than Avatar.

I hope Whedon can pull off The Avengers, he is way more talented than a lot of directors that have had success, he needs a lucky break after the poor box office of Serenity and cancellation (too early) of Firefly and Dollhouse. Fingers crossed!!

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