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Debating Eclipse and Knight and Day with At the Movies’ Phillips and Scott

Debating Eclipse and Knight and Day with At the Movies' Phillips and Scott

Apparently my defense of James Mangold’s Knight and Day so astonished At the Movies’ Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott that the co-hosts asked me to debate the subject with them online via Skype; we also tangled a bit on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which Scott liked, but Phillips loathed.

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Let me just say it… Scott and Phillips are as good, if not better than Gene & Roger. They’re just as smart & twice as witty as the originals. And they’re adult enough to not spaz out when their opinions differ. It’s a real shame that they’ll be done at the end of the summer. I really hope someone sees their value & finds a way to keep the conversation going online.

And Annie, I love you but you’re starting to show signs of blogger psychosis. Snark is not your style.

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