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Inception’s Life-Size Adverts

Inception's Life-Size Adverts

Thompson on Hollywood

Warner Bros. installed some jumbo-size new ads in New York for Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated Inception. The supergraphics play with perception in a fun way, and don’t completely stick out like some other massive outdoor ads.

Check out some more pictures after the jump:

Thompson on Hollywood

Speaking of which, LA Weekly posts a substantial feature on the illegality of outdoor ad-space in LA, and the millions they generate.

The Wrap also looks at studios’ ties to the shady practice. Although these types of ads are allowed in New York, the lesson for LA ad campaigns is that greater, creative integration between the images and their urban settings might yield more positive local support.

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Roth Evans

Word of mouth is still the best advertisement.

One movie that will do very well is about a guy who sues the devil for $8 trillion. More info:

It opens, I think, in January 2011.

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