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Next Wave of Inception Reviews: Less Effusive

Next Wave of Inception Reviews: Less Effusive

Thompson on Hollywood

One sign of a movie worth seeing more than once is that you also want to read more than one review. Rarely have I been more compelled to read what my respected colleagues have to say about a new film. Now that those reviews are pouring in, Inception‘s Rotten Tomatoes ranking among “top critics” has fallen to 87–which is a very high number, by the way. Most Oscar contenders rank in the 80s.

Here are some key critics: Roger Ebert:

“Inception” does a difficult thing. It is wholly original, cut from new cloth, and yet structured with action movie basics so it feels like it makes more sense than (quite possibly) it does.

Slate’s Dana Stevens:

“It’s a shame that Inception’s visual sophistication so far outstrips its emotional savvy. “

Leonard Maltin:

“halfway through Inception, which runs close to two-and-a-half hours, my mind started to wander. Instead of being pulled into his world I felt myself drifting away from it.”

Todd McCarthy:

Impeccably made as it is and, like “Vertigo,” blessed with an indispensable score, unquestionably the best thing Hans Zimmer has ever done, “Inception” plays like the film of a brilliant mathematician, scientist or engineer rather than a work by someone who, in another era, would have been a novelist, poet or philosopher. Nolan is a thinker, all right, a very busy explorer of mind functions, but capable merely of diagrams when it comes to the heart and soul.

Time’s Richard Corliss:

“Inception is precisely the kind of brainy, ambitious, grand-scale adventure Hollywood should be making more of.”

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the ending of the movie was very rosebud-esk, here is a joke I saw about inception,


i was shocked at how terrible the film was – and I was so primed to see it I rushed out thursday at midnite and drove halfway across town. Its empty, pretentious, inane and at 2.5 hours ridiculously redundant & unendurable. Its mindboggling how out of control the hype is for this


A.O. Scott gave it a very interesting, mixed review in today’s New York Times.
“The accomplishments of ‘Inception’ are mainly technical, which is faint praise only if you insist on expecting something more from commercial entertainment….
“But though there is a lot to see in ‘Inception,’ there is nothing that counts as genuine vision. Mr. Nolan’s idea of the mind is too literal, too logical, too rule-bound to allow the full measure of madness–the risk of real confusion, of delirium, of ineffable ambiguity–that this subject requires.”

Nick Pinkerton panned it in the Village Voice.

And Armond White in the New York Press…? Well, let’s just say he didn’t disappoint his fans.


I’m really looking forward to seeing Inception.It is definitely must-see film for moviegoers.But I have a feeling Fall release is more better than Summer release for this film…

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