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Trailer Watch: Mirren Stars in Madden spy thriller The Debt

Trailer Watch: Mirren Stars in Madden spy thriller The Debt

Spies seem to be making a comeback. Helen Mirren plays a deadly Mossad agent in The Debt, a new thriller from director John Madden (Shakespeare in Love). Disney Miramax will release the film December 29. Supporting stalwarts Ciarán Hinds and Tom Wilkinson co-star. it looks standard-issue–but with actors I want to see.

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Yair Raveh

Note that you had two Israeli themed items back-to-back: “Miral”, which was shot in Israel one year ago (about the Palestinian uprising), and “The Debt”, the first ever Hollywood remake of an Israeli movie (about Mossad agents). Ah, the Mossad vs. The Palestinians. It’s like real life. I expect to see “Miral” at the Oscars (at least with noms to one of the actresses, perhaps Hiam Abbas, and Eric Gautier’s cinematography), but not “The Debt”. And the Israeli streak at the Oscars might continue this year, as I find it hard to believe there will be a more powerful documentary this year then the Holocaust themed “A Film Unfinished”, which Oscilloscope will be releasing August. It’s a shoo-in for at least a Best Documentary nomination. Also: two Dealing-with-the-Holocaust themed movies (not a popular subject over here, contrary to what you may expect) are running neck-to-neck in this year’s Israeli Ophir Awards: “Internal Grammar” (the film adaptation to the David Grossman novel) and “Once I Was”. If one of them wins, it’s possible Israel will get a 4th nomination in a row for Best Foreign Language Film. This time we will have to win.


Looks good. I hope it lives up to the trailer

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