Women ♀ in Audiovisual Europe (CIMA)

Women ♀ in Audiovisual Europe (CIMA)

This June, over 100 women in film and TV and new technologies met in Santiago de Compostela, Spain for three days of intense discussion and dialogue with several panels with 41 speaking guests from 15 European countries. Provided with a wealth of knowledge from different backgrounds in film and audiovisuals in Europe, .everybody was asked to join in and to propose ideas on how to achieve gender equality in the industry. CIMA’s president, Ines Paris, stated clearly in the CARTA COMPOSTELA what will be tackled over the coming years. Please find a note from Margaret von Schiller who left the Berlinale Panorama and moved to Spain. Ines Pari’s letter follows underneath along with the CARTA COMPOSTELA itself in English and in Spanish.

II Encuentro Internacional de CIMA / II International Meeting of CIMA
“Las mujeres del Audiovisual Europeo” / “Women in Audiovisual Europe”

Good food and beautiful weather accompanied this enjoyable event.
Thank you to CIMA for these days to remember!

It will take some time to analyse all the material, some of which can be found online on www.iofusiontv.com (follow CINE / ENTREVISTAS), thanks to Maria Goretti.

CIMA MUJERES CINEASTAS is also on Facebook, if you would like to follow their news in Spain.

I hope to be in contact with you in the future,
Kindest regards,
Margaret von Schiller


Estimados amigos/as:
Dear collegues:
These past days of May 5-7, 2010 we were celebrating the SECOND INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF CIMA in Santiago de Compostela. We would like to take this opportunity to send you the CARTA COMPOSTELA which contains the conclusions of the meeting and defines our primary objectives. As you will see in the carta we want to establish an International network of Women in Audiovisual Europe. We believe that this is an important project to achieve progress in establishing gender equality in the audiovisual world. Furthermore it is a project of cultural and industrial dimension.

We would love to hear your opinion of this CARTA COMPOSTELA and would appreciate your collaboration in the diffusion of its ideas and in helping to achieve its objectives.
Please send any comment or suggestion you might have to our web platform plataforma AT cimamujerescineastas.es
Recibe un cordial saludo / Warmest regards
Ines Paris
Presidenta de CIMA


We, the professional women of the audiovisual sector of the European Union, assembled in “Santiago de Compostela”, after three days of intensive debate, reflection and exchange, come to the following conclusions:

The very low percentage of women in key-jobs of the European audiovisual sector is unfair because it leaves an important part of the European population voiceless. It wastes talent, energy and experience both behind and in front of the camera, and it seriously affects the audiovisual media content which generates our image of the world.

This situation undermines the diversity and cultural pluralism of the democratic system we all want to achieve.

To solve this serious imbalance we will start by establishing a commission that will take responsibility for the creation of a European Network of Women in the Audiovisual world. This network will constitute a digital platform that will be used to:

a. Contain a database of all the professional women in the sector
b. Exchange information, experiences and projects
c. Create an employment board
d. Forge and consolidate an industry market.

At the same time, this network will conciliate when and wherever the production, distribution and exhibition of products of female authorship is being considered .

Moreover, we consider the following measures essential and urgent:
1. The creation of a Committee of Experts by the European Union Commission which will report on European audiovisuals from the perspective of gender, analysed both quantatively and qualitatively.Included will be statistical evidence of gender differences in all categories of the audiovisual sector.

2. To include measures of positive action with regard to concessions offered by the European Union programmes MEDIA and EURIMAGES, complying with the demands of Article 3.2 of the Constitutional Treaty of
the European Union and Article 23 of the Document of Basic Human Rights.

3. To propose to the the directors of all the public television networks of member states of the European Union to agree in a formal and public document to achieving the equal participation of men and women in
positions of leadership within a maximum period of five years and to support media content which contributes towards making gender equality an essential social principle.

4. To establish, within the framework of the European Union, a vocational training programme for employment, which has as its goal the professional qualification of women, placing special attention on new
technologies, which we consider an emerging sector of great potential in audiovisuals.

5. To make visible, to recover and to spread the work of women within the audiovisual sector, to which end we request the agreement of governments to adequately fund the university departments dedicated to
study in this field. We call on all the people involved with the content of this document to meet again in two years’ time to evaluate the achievements and still unresolved challenges whilst using in the meantime, the Network for Women in Audiovisuals as an instrument of follow-up and continuous evaluation.

This document will be sent to the responsible authorities for the implementation of the measures agreed within it. It will be broadcast in the media and will be put forward to all the cultural and artistic associations of
the audiovisual sector for signing so that it will become the founding document of the political and social action of all women and men who want a more honest, pluralistic and democratic cinema and television.

Santiago de Compostela, 7th May, 2010.

II Encuentro Internacional de CIMA (Asociación de Mujeres Cineastas y de los Medios Audiovisuales).

“Las mujeres del audiovisual europeo”

5.6.7 de mayo, 2010


a) Crear UN FORO DE DEBATE que de voz y visibilidad a las mujeres creadoras del CINE Y LA TELEVISIÓN EUROPEA.
b) Organizar una red europea de mujeres del audiovisual.
c) Elaborar un documento “LA CARTA COMPOSTELANA” que será publicada, elevada a los responsables políticos y difundida como documento fundacional de la red de mujeres europeas del cine y la televisión.


Las CONCLUSIONES del PRIMER ENCUENTRO DE CIMA, celebrado en Diciembre del 2008, recogieron la necesidad de dar una continuidad a este tipo de foros de discusión para que se conozca el punto de vista de las mujeres profesionales, crear una red internacional y aportar nuestras ideas en la elaboración de las políticas audiovisuales.

Para responde a este reto celebraremos UN SEGUNDO ENCUENTRO de dimensión EUROPEA y coincidente con la PRESIDENCIA ESPAÑOLA DE LA UNIÓN EUROPEA.
En este sentido recordamos que en el «Consejo Europeo sobre el Desarrollo» la UE ha ratificado que la igualdad de género es uno de los cinco principios fundamentales de la política.
El fomento del diálogo a escala europea es otro de los objetivos de la Unión que este encuentro llevaría a cabo ya que se trata del PRIMER ENCUENTRO que tendrían las mujeres profesionales del cine y la televisión de toda EUROPA. Una ocasión única para potenciar la existencia de un ESPACIO COMÚN de creación e industria en el ámbito europeo, un espacio en cuya creación y potenciación las mujeres deben ser una fuerza decisiva.

5-6 y 7 de Mayo 2010
Santiago de Compostela (Galicia)

Miércoles 5 de Mayo 2010
10’00 Inauguración.
10’30 Conferencia Inaugural
12’00 Pausa. Café
12’30-14’00 Mesa Redonda: El cine
14’00 Pausa para comer
16’30-18’00 Mesa Redonda: La ficción Televisiva
18’30-20’00 Mesa Redonda: Documental

Jueves 6 de Mayo 2010

10’00-11’30 Mesa Redonda: Producción, Distribución y Exhibición

12’00 Pausa. Café

12’30-14’00 Mesa Redonda: Las Técnicas

14’00 Pausa para comer

16’30-18’30 Mesa Redonda: Otros formatos y medios

18’30-20’00 Mesa Redonda: Políticas audiovisuales e igualdad

Viernes 7 de Mayo 2010.

10’00-11’30 Mesa Redonda: Las actrices

12’00. Conclusiones y Clausura.


Inés Paris (Presidenta de CIMA)

Cristina Andreu
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