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3-D Stats are Trending Down

3-D Stats are Trending Down

Thompson on Hollywood

Hollywood would like to think that 3-D cures all ills. But the stats don’t lie, as a discerning public picks and chooses the 3-D movies that are clearly worth paying a premium for. Check out The Wrap’s analylsis of 3-D performance. The studios may want to reconsider throwing good money after bad when they try to buttress their returns on a bad B-movie with retrofitted 3-D. I quickly started to tune out Step Up 3-D, which actually had some good dancing, which I would much rather have seen in good old-fashioned 2-D. The intrusive 3-D wore out its welcome real fast. (Variety’s Justin Chang disagrees.)

When a smart filmmaker who knows what he’s doing–especially in an all-digital universe like CG animation–shoots with 3-D, the results can be spectacular. James Cameron and Pixar have set the bar very high. Few movies will deliver as stellar 3-D as Avatar or Up and Toy Story 3.

[Chart courtesy The Wrap.]

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I’ve been saying for months now that it’s 1953 all over again; that 3-D cycle barely lasted a year, despite arguably better films and no extra charge for the glasses. A bad movie is still a bad movie, no matter how it’s exhibited. I predict that by 2012, the only 3-D movies left will be cartoons and a very occcasional gargantuan-VFX tentpole.

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