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Bigelow’s Triple Frontier, Republican vs. Democrat Women, The Expendables’ Patriotic Divide

Bigelow's Triple Frontier, Republican vs. Democrat Women, The Expendables' Patriotic Divide

Thompson on Hollywood

– The Wrap uncovered an email of Paramount interest re: what’s in the cards for the studio (unofficial). For example, Kathryn Bigelow’s next feature Triple Frontier (written by Hurt Locker Oscar-winner Mark Boal), an action-adventure set in the border zone between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil), may star an ensemble of Will Smith, Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Christian Bale. A thriller is in the works from Bad Robot mastermind J. J. Abrams (the original idea about the game “7 Minutes in Heaven” turning deadly came from Lost director Jack Bender, who may take the reins). The script for the Tom Clancy reboot featuring a new Jack Ryan needs re-writes (also possibly being directed by Bender), and Hansel and Gretel is “beginning casting conversations” (this fairy-tale turned comedy reintroduces the pair 15 years after their gingerbread house fiasco, when they’ve become witch bounty hunters. All of these works in progress are subject to change, natch. Paramount production chief Adam Goodman can’t be very happy at being caught with his pants unzipped.

– Meanwhile, Conservatives are having trouble coming to terms with The Expendables (41% on the Tomatometer). “A heated debate has arisen over the film’s relative merits,” says LAT’s Patrick Goldstein, who approves, “since liberals can never agree on anything, so it’s reassuring to see our conservative brethren in a similar situation.” NY Post blogger Kyle Smith doesn’t want us to “fool ourselves into thinking it’s a good movie” and Big Hollywood’s John Nolte considers the film the most patriotic flick we’ve had in decades (he’s forgetting the ’90s when Independence Day and Armageddon surged with red, white and blue); and “much more impressive achievement than the likes of the flood of Syrianas.” Jason Apuzzo at Libertas Film Magazine believes Salt and its portrayal of the CIA to be more patriotic than The Expendables. Hmmm.

– Want to take political action for your favorite cause? Here are two possible ways. The first, as expressed in the video below (for citizens against Target against Gay rights), involves getting creative to grab peoples’ attention to support your cause, using constitution-based facts to defend your argument, and asking that policy-making be a process that corporations can’t buy. The second option (the other video), requires less effort: use sexism, recycled pop-music, and precise selectivity to prove that A is hotter than B (in this case, the Minnesota GOP pits Republican women vs. Democratic women).

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I do not believe they accepted the script of this film. For those who do not know, after the attacks of September 2011, the U.S., with the excuse that there were terrorists at the border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil have sent their troops to Paraguay. There have been several investigations for several years and no clue was found. But the troops remain there. Soon do exactly what they did with the Arab countries, with the excuse that there were weapons of mass destruction, invaded the country, killed several innocent people and steal oil. The weapons of mass destruction were never found (because there is no weapon). We are threatened, and there are people who think the best damn record this movie in our natural heritage. The Iguaçu is the largest freshwater reserve in the world, so the U.S. to save the movie, send troops. They want to present ourselves to the world as people unable to take care of their own heritage, villains. While the Americans unleashed (with a huge U.S. flag), will be the heroes of history. Brazil opens the eye, they are wanting our wealth.

We do not need help from Americans to take care of our heritage. For, they are the greatest terrorist in the world and biggest polluters.

Everyone talks about the sadness of the assassination attempt by the U.S. in 2001. Nobody talks about the years (many years) of suffering that has caused the U.S. to Arab countries. Surely more people died in war than in the attack.

Today, they speak of the Arab people as if they were all bandits, there are people who honestly work in these countries, there is no single terrorist. As in the U.S. there is also plenty of people who do not pay. The triple border there are people of Arab descent, yes, but honestly work from sunrise to sunset.


Has there really been, “a flood of Syrianas…?”

I’m sorry I missed that…

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