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film review: The Switch

film review: The Switch

The Switch is the kind of movie that gives romantic comedies a bad name. I won’t dwell on the welcome-to-the-21st century premise, in which a guy substitutes his sperm for that of an official donor as his so-called best friend is about to be inseminated. Nor will I comment on whether or not I ever want to hear the words “sperm” and “romantic comedy” in the same sentence again. I like Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman and don’t like to see them wasting their time in a mediocrity like—

—this, not to mention such talented costars as Patrick Wilson, Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum.

Notice I said “mediocrity,” not “turkey.” I’ve seen worse films, and so have you. But after watching the picture for a while, I noticed my foot was tapping involuntarily. I realized I was marking time, just waiting for it to be over. A mainstream romantic comedy with attractive stars should be more than just a time-filler, shouldn’t it? ‘Nuff said.

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This movie was good. You’d think a well-written review would have more substance than “I thought it was boring”. Jason’s performance we really good, Jennifer’s was passable. The plot and the story arc were well written and well executed. I found myself identifying with the characters and the little boy was really cute. This isn’t a typical romantic comedy, more of a romantic Dramedy.

On a sidenote:
Andrew, your stance on the ad campaign being duly noted, it is unfair to judge a movie, let alone comment on a review, without having seen it.


Want to a fantastic funny charming romantic comedy -Deanna Durbin in It Started with Eve -Robert Cummings is handsome and very funny -Deanna is great and Charles Laughen is hilarous! -old movie but the best script and acting!


Andrew McCarthy

I refuse to see this just because of the offensive ad with Jason Bateman looking into a plastic cup containing his sperm. Ugh!


Yeah you have to wonder what some of these stars were thinking when they signed on for this. I mean everyone is this film has done MUCH better projects.

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