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New Fox Initiative Recycles 35mm Films into Clothes

New Fox Initiative Recycles 35mm Films into Clothes

Thompson on Hollywood

In a new green initiative, Twentieth Century Fox’s Latin American division will collaborate with Asia’s Grumex World Enterprises to recycle 35mm films and trailers into synthetic fibers that will be used to manufacture clothes, packaging and other products. Having successfully used the operation in Mexico for two years, Fox extended it to Latin America in June 2010 (Brazil, still in the planning phase, will be last to adopt the practice). After Grumex collects the film material in each country, they will shred it and ship it to Hong Kong where specialized machinery treats and transforms it into polyester. Their goal is to recycle over 20,000 films and 35,000 trailers per year.

The day is nearing when one can answer the question, “What are you wearing?” with “My top is Jennifer’s Body and my skirt is Knight and Day.” At last!

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Jason Pankoke

Strangely, one block away from where I’m sitting, The Art Theater in Champaign, IL, will be showing that solitary print of HIGH FIDELITY an hour from now! They attempted to use a different print two weeks ago but it was beat up beyond repair.

As for the recycling of 35mm in this manner – strange, creative, a bit sad.


I read on another site that only one 35mm film print exists for HIGH FIDELITY, a film that’s only ten years old. Once the recyclers get through their work, that will probably be the case for most other films of the past 20 years, as well.

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