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Who the Hell’s in It: Conversations with Hollywood’s Legendary Actors (2004)

Peter Bogdanovich’s
Movie of the Week (1999)
Who The Devil Made It: Conversations with Legendary Film Directors (1997) A Moment with Miss Gish (1995)
This Is Orson Welles (1992; expanded 1998) The Killing Of The Unicorn: Dorothy Stratten 1960-1980 (1984) Pieces of Time (1973; expanded 1985)
Allan Dwan: The Last Pioneer (1971) Fritz Lang in America (1969) John Ford (1967; expanded 1978)

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I am in the midst of a new memoir based on diaries I kept from mid-1965 to
mid-1971, which basically start a year after I moved to LA to get into making
films, and end with my having made “Targets” and “The Last PIcture Show”,
which is about to be released, and preparing the script for “What’s Up, Doc?”
At the moment, the book is called HOLLYWOOD DIARY 1965-1971:
A DIRECTOR’S APPRENTICESHIP. Knopf will publish when I get it done, but
it’s a big job, so it probably won’t come out for a couple of years. Covers all
my first experiences with Roger Corman, meeting Orson Welles, death of my
father, breakup of my marriage, falling in love with Cybill Shepherd, much

Eric Peeper

I read THIS IS ORSON WELLES for the first time as I was traveling cross-country. I was traveling by myself, but this book was filling enough that I felt as though I had two traveling companions.

Mickey Fisher

What are your plans for your next book? I know you wrote you still had more recordings? Any more you want to put into book form? Please? ;-

Wesley Pratt

Just wanted to comment on on THIS IS ORSON WELLES I enjoyed it a great deal. I thought it was interesting how annoyed Orson was when Peter bought up Citizen Kane. He just didn’t really enjoy talking about that film at all.

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