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September Issues Star Women in 40s, Witherspoon’s Peggy Lee Biopic, Casting Hunger Games Franchise

September Issues Star Women in 40s, Witherspoon's Peggy Lee Biopic, Casting Hunger Games Franchise

Thompson on Hollywood

– On the covers of this year’s top September issues–the fattest and most important fashion magazines of the year–are established actresses in their 40s, who editors are counting on to sell as many magazines as possible. These glamour icons are out-dressing and out-charming their twenty-something and thirty-something peers (one exception is Vanity Fair’s Lady Gaga cover). September Vogue (whose cover models’ age average over the past year is the highest at 34.5) features Halle Berry (44 this weekend); Harper’s Bazaar went with Jennifer Aniston (41); and Elle boasts Julia Roberts (42).

Lesley Jane Seymour of More Magazine asks THR: “Who is there with any kind of real style or longevity in their 30s or 20s right now? Britney Spears? Kim Kardashian? These are flashes in the pan. Many are shallow reality stars like Snooki. Style icon? Um, talk to me in a year. Frankly, it’s here today, gone tomorrow. Lindsay Lohan? What’s to look up to?” Seymour believes that with the American population growing older, everyone has an easier time relating to “a woman with a little wear on her tires.” Harper’s Bazaar projects/features director Laura Brown told THR: “they have something to say.” When a woman buys a magazine, she’s buying into whoever is on the cover – and investing in a 40-year-old who’s had both a career and style for fifteen or twenty years is a better investment than someone who’s stopping over between jail and rehab.

Thompson on Hollywood

– Thirty-four year old Reese Witherspoon has her own style to burn. She is producing a biopic passion project in which she will star as singer Peggy Lee, whose career unfolded over almost 70 years. Variety reports that Witherspoon got the rights to the story after meeting with Lee’s granddaughter, then asked her Legally Blonde partner Marc Platt to co-produce. Nora Ephron will direct for Fox 2000, which also backed the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line which yielded a 2006 Oscar win for Witherspoon for her portrayal of June Carter. Witherspoon has over a dozen films in production or in development. Next up: James L. Brooks’ comedy How Do You Know (December 17). She plays a professional softball player who is torn between stand-up-guy (Paul Rudd) and fast-ball throwing charmer (Owen Wilson). Jack Nicholson plays her father.

Thompson on Hollywood

– Rest assured, there will be another role of a lifetime contest to obsess over once the role of Lisbeth Salander is handed down to the luckiest early-twenties actress alive. Vulture predicts that the next casting saga will begin August 24th when the latest book in the Hunger Games trilogy – Mockingjay – is released. Writer Suzanne Collins’ leading character is Katniss Everdeen, who is reminiscent of Twilight‘s Bella Swan in that she’s involved in an intense love triangle. According to New York Vulture:

Whoever lands the part of Katniss will get to use a bow and arrow, fight for her survival, have sexy-time with handsome teenagers, wear fire, and, you know, have a movie franchise.

NY handicaps the likely teen contenders for the Lionsgate movie being produced by Nina Jacobson, including Saoirse Ronan, the Fanning Sisters, Chloe Moretz and Taylor Momsen. Let the next casting games begin. And 40-somethings need not apply.

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Sexy time? Really?

More like holding on to a guy from your hometown that’s been sentenced to the same killing spree as you, because he’s the ONLY one that can survive with you. Or sometimes having romantically tense moment with your childhood best friend, because you’re both so desperate to get away from starvation and dictator-like control that its hard not to think of other possibilities.

Yeah, I’ll admit, there was a couple pages where I would roll my eyes at how many “staged” kisses Katniss and Peeta shared but wow, comparing this wonderful saga to Twilight? While the Hunger Games is definitely a page turner, the plot is meaningful and interesting and the main characters are dynamic, intelligent, and much more human than Mary-Sue-anti-feminist-incredibly-man-dependent Bella, or absolutely-vain-and-bi-polar-whiner Edward. Urgh. The only slightly lovable character in Twilight might be Alice. Maybe.

If you really didn’t feel like reading the book before writing this you should have just done a quick check and compared the comments left in articles like this, written by obvious HG fans, with the ones on an article about Twilight, with tweens writing in all-caps and not a sign of correct punctuation. The audiences that the series capture say it all, there is no comparison between The Hunger Games and Twilight series and it is obviously insulting to Hunger Games fans to assume such a similarity.


Have any of you journalists actually READ the series? NO ONE wants ANY of those actresses as Katniss. There’s actually a petition going around to NOT have Chloe as Katniss. All of those girls are pale and blonde. Katniss has black hair and olive skin. Pretty big difference. Plus Chloe is 13. Katniss is 16. She most definitely can’t pull it off. The fans’ top choices are more along the lines of Kaya Scodelario and Malese Jow. So why don’t you stop reporting on things you know nothing about and go and do some research?
Also, The Hunger Games is NOTHING like Twilight. For one thing, it actually has a good plot and well-written characters. Sure there may be a love triangle thrown in but it’s not nearly as prominent as in Twilight. The book focuses on things more like SURVIVAL, not which guy to choose. It’s a little more deep than that.
And who the hell says sexy-time? Besides Borat that iPr


Its bad enough that Hunger Games has to overcome the nightmare that Twilight has brought about. Yes, the Twilight books got some people to start reading and not all it’s fans are tainted for liking it and so on. The link that both books have a love triangle is beyond meaningless. Twilight’s plot was barely existed, held to together by fluff characters. Hunger Game’s story is far more interesting, though I don’t want to give the plot away, in case some actually wants to pick the the series instead of bashing it out right here. I bash Twilight all the time, respectfully when I can but then again I KNOW what I’m bashing.
Hunger Games is a series that both males and females can enjoy. Katniss is not the helpless, love crazed girl that is Bella. What Katniss can be related to are traits like sarcastic, angst, logical, mother hen or strong. There is a good size cast in characters that have depth to them, fast pace action of the ‘kill or be killed’ scheme of things, and well, the unstoppable start of rebellion. A statement like “reminiscent of Twilight‘s Bella Swan” is rather insulting to the fans of Hunger Games, to Collins herself.
I’m a member in a lot of Hunger Games and other book forums, it is very true that NO fan of the series wants Chloe as Katniss nor any one of the pale, blond actress. Though all gifted actresses, no HG fan trusts Hollywood magic to make a Katniss out of any of them. Forums are a good source to get the feel of the fan bases and for information to base an article on, especially if the journalist is not going to read the books. There are people that have already read it for you. Though even the summary on the Barnes&Nobles; website would have given you a better inkling of the series than what was posted in the article above. Use the resources at your disposal, surely they are there for a reason..


Lionsgate needs to know that if Chole Moretz or fake and overrated Dakota Fanning is cast, THEY WILL LOSE A LOT OF THEIR FANS! None of the fans want Chole! The girl is freaking THIRTEEN! She looks NOTHING like Katniss is described. She’s pale, she’s got blonde hair, and she has a baby-face. I’m sorry but wasn’t Katniss described as, I don’t know, sixteen, olive skin, and black hair? I think she was. Chole is NOT Katniss, though I’d rather have her than Dakota Fanning. And most of the fans want to scream their heads off when they hear Twilight being compared to Hunger Games. Katniss is way more concerned with things like SURVIVAL and keeping her family alive. There’s a love story thrown in, but that is definitely not the central theme. All you journalists need to read the trilogy or at least print your information from sources OTHER than your own screwed up idea of what the books are like. The only ones who want Chole as Katniss is Lionsgate. End of story.


Lamer that Twi-hards? Hah! Although we Hunger Games fans might be considered a bit nerdy in scheme of things, we are no where near as lame as Twilight fans, for the simple fact that the series we are crazy over is actually worth reading. And sure, it’s great that Twilight is getting people to read, but I believe it would be great if people would not only read, but read a good quality book, not one with badly devised plots and annoying characters.


Whoa, another day, another jerk to criticize something they know nothing about, except to compare fans of Twilight to the Hunger Games. Original. Have you even bothered to read the series? And since when did teens, and even adults for that matter, being obsessed about books, even Twilight, become a bad thing? Given all the things they could be doing with their time, I would say that reading a book is much more productive. And harmless. Hate all you want, but I’d rather a teen or anyone read a book and learn something than crap on others about how much they may love said book. Oh, wait….

Maybe I was being too lame with that one. Maybe lamer than a Twi-hard. ;-)


Whoa. Hunger Games’ fans are even lamer than Twi-hards. Who would have thought….



Hunger Games is like the poor man’s Twilight? Really? Twilight? A book about a do nothing girl falling in love with a sparkly vampire and tripping all over herself every day of the week–and every other page–is so much more interesting than a book about a girl fighting for survival, and the survival of those she loves? Hmm…. get real.


Hunger Games is like a poor man’s Twilight. Those actresses are too good for it.


I was just going to post the same thing as Jenna. The writer of this article is beyond clueless about the books. There is no sex in the books, and Katniss is like the complete opposite of Bella. She cares about two guys, but she is more concerned about keeping herself and her family alive and she will use any means to do it.


First of all, it’s KATNISS Everdeen, not Kitniss. Wow. You can’t even get the name of the heroine right.
Second, 99% of the Hunger Games fandom tears their hair out with the comparison to Twilight. The Hunger Games is NOTHING like Twilight! Yes, there is a love triangle, but it takes a back seat and is the least of Katniss’ worries.
Thirdly, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION? Katniss is not interested in sex. She doesn’t want to get married or have children. In fact, she’s a virgin and never even mentioned sex in the books.
Finally, those “possibilities” of actresses have all come from journalists who know NOTHING about the books, like whoever wrote this. Katniss has BLACK hair and OLIVE skin. Those girls are all extremely pale and have blonde hair. None of the fans want those girls and it would be wise for Lionsgate to take note of it.

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