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Ebert Relaunches At the Movies on PBS with Lemire, Mitchell

Ebert Relaunches At the Movies on PBS with Lemire, Mitchell

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Roger Ebert announced his relaunch of At the Movies, a month after the demise of his former show on Disney/ABC, in his blog, naturally, and on Twitter. Critics Christy Lemire (AP) and Elvis Mitchell (KCRW-FM), who were guest hosts on At the Movies with Richard Roeper after Ebert fell ill from cancer, will be the show’s principal co-hosts. Bloggers Kim Morgan and Omar Moore will also contribute to the program, writes Ebert on his site:

“Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies,” a weekly half-hour film review program, was announced today by its producers, Chaz and Roger Ebert. The program continues the 35-year-old run of a reviewing format first introduced by Gene Siskel and Ebert and later by Ebert and Richard Roeper. It will return to its birthplace, launching nationally on public television with presenting station WTTW Chicago, where it began in 1975 as “Opening Soon at a Theater Near You” and then in 1976 as “Sneak Previews,” became the highest rated entertainment show in PBS history. The original format moved into syndication as “At the Movies” in 1982 with Tribune Entertainment and a quarter-century with Buena Vista Television.

The Eberts said the new program will air in January 2011, and in addition to reviewing new movies will expand into coverage of New Media, special segments on classics, on-demand viewing and genres, and an extended website. It will use the copyrighted “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down”® format made famous by Siskel & Ebert.

“I believe that by returning to its public roots, our new show will win better and more consistent time slots in more markets,” added Ebert. “American television is swamped by mindless gossip about celebrities, and I’m happy this show will continue to tell viewers honestly if the critics think a new movie is worth seeing.”

Hallelujah. All I have to do is TiVo the show every week and watch it on Sunday night, and my old ritual will be alive and well. Mitchell and Lemire are both strong, sexy TV presences who can be counted on to keep things lively, although I was fond of the last At the Movies hosts Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott, who are also trying to work up something new. They were likely too serious for today’s ruthless TV market, finally. Going back to PBS is probably the right move in order to keep the show smart.

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But will Mitchell be smoking his cigars and sitting on a box of cash?

Bobby Jo

It is good that the show is back up and running, however I always felt Chirsty Lemire to be a very weak film critic and I would have loved to seen the last two hosts return instead.


fantastic, I was just so sad the show was suspended. I hope there will be a website where one can watch the series over the internet as I am from europe and will not be able to watch american television :/


I’m not crazy about Lemeire. I feel she is a little to feminine in her attitudes toward certain films, but Mitchell seems alright. His TCM stuff is pretty good. I feel Phelps and Scott should be involved in some capacity they brought back intelligence and dignity to the old show (albeit for a short time). Hope they get something new going! I personally think Richard Roeper should be a host. I love his sarcasm! Can’t wait for his new project! Also I think Reelz channel should have their own film review program. Maybe one of the more youth oriented networks should also try to enter this televison subgenre as long as it actually has reviews, not a bunch of annoyingly edited clips and sound bites. Kind of passionate about this stuff because I’m an ocasssional online/print critic myself. This generation needs good intelligent critique oriented shows. There is enough fluff and cough…cough, reality! Thank god the show is coming back to PBS. No commercials…yeah!


Good going, Roger! This is wonderful news. Can’t wait!


good to hear. I love Elvis Mitchell.


What about Richard Roeper? I’m kind of sad he won’t be involved.


Any idea what Phelps and Scott are trying to do? I loved there show.

Scott Cherney

Good news for film fans, especially with the addition of Elvis Mitchell and Kim Morgan, an excellent writer I’ve followed since her days here in Portland, Oregon.


Boy howdy!

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