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Eugene Hernandez Moves to Lincoln Center

Eugene Hernandez Moves to Lincoln Center

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Eugene Hernandez is the reason I hitched my wagon to indieWIRE. He’s that rare creature: an idealist. He believes in reaching out to the best of what people can be, as filmmakers, writers, webmasters, distributors or bloggers. He and indieWIRE parent SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen offered TOH a home, where I’ve been both ridiculously industrious–and happy.

I made the entrepreneurial bet that a single blogger at an online site–even if it was a narrow niche indie–could succeed. I was right.

Now Hernandez, who founded and has been identified with indieWIRE for 15 years, is moving on to another web platform on November 1, as director of digital strategy for the Film Society of Lincoln Center. They are lucky to have him. And I wish him the best.

I’ll miss him.

But Hernandez leaves indieWIRE in excellent shape. Brian Brooks, Peter Knegt, James Israel and Eric Kohn are among the brightest people I know. They share Hernandez’s ideals and goals for indieWIRE, and love of film. They know how to put out a high-quality must-read indie daily, and will continue to do so. The indieWIRE blog network has burgeoned, with Todd McCarthy, Leonard Maltin, Sydney Levine and Peter Bogdanovich joining the ongoing indieWIRE conversation, and more additions waiting in the wings. In Hernandez’s departure announcement, he writes:

Companies can reach a new level of growth after a founder decides to move on. I have no doubt that will be the case at indieWIRE and I’m looking forward to working with the team to pinpoint new leadership, develop a new structure, and then pass the baton. Personally speaking, I’m ready for a change and honored to be joining the Film Society at such an important moment. Despite the move uptown, however, I’ll stay in the indieWIRE family and am glad that my blog will remain part of the indieWIRE Network.

IndieWIRE has thrived because it answers a need in the film community, of which it is an essential part. Inevitably, it will evolve into a revised version of what it was under Hernandez. But indieWIRE’s vital mission– to support “filmmakers, biz, fans”–will continue.

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Check out “Blogdonavich”–the new indieWIRE network blog

gary meyer

Peter Belsito is all you say except an Indiewire blogger.
This week the announcement about Peter Bogdanovich was made….a major feather in Eugene’s cap. What a parting reward for readers to have his knowledge, history, wit and insight making sure that even with the departure of Hernandez, this will not be the last picture show.

So glad we will still have EH offering his thoughts while breaking new ground we will all no doubt benefit from in the future.


I think you mean Petet Belsito (not Bogdonavich). He’s married to Sydney Levine. The two are constants at festivals and film meeings all over the world. He helped me secure additional financing and attention for my doc when it came out in 2007.


It is an excellently-written article. Thank you, Hernandez and other indieWIRE people very much for your great sites and blogs.

Luckily, Hernandez will keep writing his blog at indieWIRE, and I will keep reading it.

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