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Eugene Hernandez: This Is Not Goodbye

Eugene Hernandez: This Is Not Goodbye

Change is coming. And it will make two fixtures of the film community stronger.

The headline is that after 15 years I’ll be leaving my role as Editor-in-Chief at indieWIRE next month while maintaining a link to the company I co-founded. I’m excited to announce today that on November 1st I’ll join the Film Society of Lincoln Center as Director of Digital Strategy.

I certainly wasn’t looking for a job when the Film Society reached out to me. Executive Director Rose Kuo recently offered me a newly created position focused on bringing the forty-eight year old organization into the digital age and I faced a difficult decision. The Film Society of Lincoln Center is one of the most important film organizations in the world and I’m truly honored to be joining them. I carefully considered the offer and sincerely feel it is an opportunity I simply cannot pass up. And in many ways, the timing is perfect for an indieWIRE that is much larger, more vibrant and significantly stronger than ever, backed by a parent company (SnagFilms) that will continue to nurture the next phase of its growth.

indieWIRE will be in very good hands.

Back in 1995, the original concepts for indieWIRE were sketched out in a notebook after a Film Society program at the Walter Reade Theater. From the moment I moved to NYC a year earlier, the Film Society and the Walter Reade were a constant home away from home. Now, as the organization prepares to open two new movie theaters at Lincoln Center and rapidly approaches its 50th anniversary, I’m thrilled to be part of the team to help Rose and the board chart its exciting future.

The hardest part of this change will be leaving my close friends and colleagues at indieWIRE and SnagFilms. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience, particularly over the past two years as we’ve re-imagined indieWIRE with the support of everyone at Snag and expanded our group to include some of the best in the business.

This year, in particular, has already been incredible for indieWIRE. The launch of our new Filmmaker Toolkit, the growth of criticWIRE, deeper film festival coverage and, of course, the dramatic expansion of the indieWIRE Blog Network (watch this space for more exciting news on that front, soon) have laid the foundation for even more exciting developments to come. On top of it all, our traffic is many times what it was just two years ago when we were acquired, and ad revenue has grown more than commensurately. We’ve been working all summer to enhance our site and we’re looking forward to sharing a new homepage soon. In short, a company that spent much of its history scrambling to stay on its feet is now a thriving key component of the indie film community.

Companies can reach a new level of growth after a founder decides to move on. I have no doubt that will be the case at indieWIRE and I’m looking forward to working with the team to pinpoint new leadership, develop a new structure, and then pass the baton.

Personally speaking, I’m ready for a change and honored to be joining the Film Society at such an important moment. Despite the move uptown, however, I’ll stay in the indieWIRE family and am glad that my blog will remain part of the indieWIRE Network.

I’ve experienced a truly nurturing environment at this company and grateful to everyone at indieWIRE and SnagFilms for their understanding and support. The past ten years at indieWIRE I’ve worked closely with Brian Brooks and James Israel, it’s been a terrific experience and I know they’ll champion indieWIRE with the backing of Ted Leonsis, Rick Allen, Stephanie Sharis and everyone at the company. A special thanks also to the team at GMD Studios and all the indieWIRE co-founders from back in the day. More on all that as I head into my final days at indieWIRE at the end of next month.

I won’t really be saying goodbye. There’s still a lot to do at indieWIRE over the next few weeks during the transition and even then, I’ll be cheering loudly from the sidelines.


Eugene Hernandez is the Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder of indieWIRE and can be followed on Twitter: @eug or through his indieWIRE blog.

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Beth Janson

Congrats, Eugene and congrats to FSLC! It is hard to imagine iW without you (and i’m sending hugs to @bbrooks). I have no doubt that the filmmaking field will benefit from your move — excited to see what’s next! xo

Tamara Krinsky

Congratulations! You bring many gifts to your new position, and I can’t wait to see what you and Rose cook up.

Jason Resnick

Wow–that was a shocker! Thanks for bringing indieWIRE to birth. I’ve been a loyal reader since the day you guys launched it, and it’s truly been an indispensible resource for those in independent film. Best of luck at Lincoln Center. Look forward to the exciting new developments you will bring there.

Anne Chaisson

Congrats, Eug! From that tiny basement on Greene St all the way to Lincoln Center. We’ve been cheering for you all these years. Anne(the other one)

Debra Zimmerman

Eugene!!! It’s hard to imagine Indiewire without you!! In fact, almost impossible. But Lincoln Center is incredibly lucky — and I know we will all benefit from that. Thank goodness you aren’t leaving NY!! CONGRATS! Debbie

Jude Ray

Very cool, Eugene! I remember your personal invitations to filmmakers to sign on as a subscriber to Indiewire, and seeing that I was like number 100! What growth you’ve overseen. Major congrats are in order, in acknowledgment of your remarkable tenure at Indiewire—nurturing and growing a singleminded dream into a collective necessity—and for all the promise your future at the Film Society holds. And bravo, for your continuing commitment to the indie world, for what I’m sure you’ll help grow in the digital space and for a crucial city institution which saw, rightly, a space for your passion and vision.

Laura Macdonald

Eug congratulations on your bold but considered move. Was it really that long ago that we were all crammed into the Filmmaker office and crashing parties? Love (all of) your work. Hugs to the team. The first Laura!!


You’re a rock star in my world, too. Congratulations!

Denise Hughes

Congratulations! Wish you the best of luck at Lincoln Center.

kevin foxe

could not be happier.
for both you and lincoln center.
and digital moves forward!
go eugene.

Bob Hawk

Eug — When I heard the news I immediately thought back to the days when you guys were cookin’ up things in the Filmmaker mag offices on W. 57th St. What has evolved over the years is a vibrant and essential part of my daily life. And you’ve brought it to a point of strength where you can safely leave to enjoy all the challenges of an exciting new position. Huge congrats and best wishes. (Way to go, Rose!)

Bob Giovanelli

FSLC is getting a guy who even in his last month for Indiewire, will sit on some steps leading into an FIT hallway during IFP Conference Week, to file a report on his laptop. I’m sure the steps in Lincoln Center will be at least carpeted…

Richard Nahem

Big congrats eugene! what an exciting career change. I hope you will still come to Paris for your semi-annual visits.Best of luck!
Richard from Paris

vincent gagliostro

Congratulations from paris. I read this while working on some new film pieces and it inspires me that the industry is looking forward to such great minds as yourself.

x vincent

Jonathan Dana

Wow! What an interesting and exciting move for both of you. Congratulations and all the best. I’m sure we will all benefit from the new ideas you will generate and you have certainly left Indiewire in great shape. Thanks for everything over the years. x Jonathan

Casper Andreas

Congrats Eugene! The new job sounds really exciting! Thank you for indiewire. Your newsletters and articles have been a tremendous help for me as a filmmaker over the years!

Jeryll Adler

Wow! I am so happy for you and not at all surprised. Congratulations and all the best Eug!


Bravo! Eugene, what an awesome opp, and good on ya for taking it on. You no doubt will turn the Lincoln Centre… hip.

Steve Bognar

Grateful to you for all you’ve done so far! Good luck at Lincoln Center – make sure they give you a coffee mug!

Allan Mindel

Congratulations Eugene!!! How exciting for you and Rose and the Lincoln Center gang. Good Luck in this next period of your life!!!!!


First, very, very cool.
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!

2nd, I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I got my first indieWIRE email. Wow, how time has flown and this publication grown to become such a vital instrument of the independent scene.

Good luck,



Hail and farewell, Eugene. A terrific pick by Rose! Congratulations to you both.

Paul Federbush

Sounds like an interesting and challenging job. All the best – and thank you for all the great work at Indiewire.

Rebecca Campbell

Cool! I always thought you had the soul of a non-profiteer . . . you’ll do great things there.

Nevin Shalit

Wow, congrats!! Really exciting news.

Helle Ulsteen

Congratulations Eugene! It sounds like a new amazing adventure is on its way!!


Eugene – you’ve made such a difference to the field with your work at IndieWire. Lincoln Center is fortunate to get you. Best of luck with your new projects.

Caroline Bock

Eugene… what a great move for you!! I wish you all the best. You are going to bring great things to Lincoln Center like you did to Indiewire and other projects… you deserve all good things!! I hope you don’t mind a little ‘rant’ …on your behalf!!

Mitch Levine

Congrats, Eugene, on both your legacy at Indiewire and your very exciting new position. I’m sure we’ll all be enriched by what you bring to Lincoln Center, and, by extension, to our community.

Mitch Teplitsky

Eugene, congratulations! I remember when I was at Film Society, when we were just thinking about planning a website, and you at ABC, plotting Indiewire…coming full circle, no? :)

Lizzie Francke

Congratulations – a very smart and exciting move. Good luck!


This better not be good-bye. More like: hello again, but even better.

Scott Macaulay

Congratulations, Eugene, on this move and also all that you have achieved at Indiewire. I’ll be excited to follow your work at the Film Society!

jim fouratt

AH .. Rose was smart to have seduced you .. and your acceptance is great news for The Film Society of Lincoln Center as it moves towards opening its new three theater film complex. How lucky we who live in NYC are to have The Film Society of Lincoln Center and now I expect with your expertise The Film Society of Lincoln Center will outreach to the entire world film community.. I trust you will continue to so skillfully moderate festival panels everywhere as you have so smashingly done at places like Sundance, IFP and SXSW. it is a gift you have and it sure is appreciated by folks like me

And something tells me you will still be making sure IndieWire stays on track… I mean it is your baby…

Good move Eugene!

Charles Ferguson

Congratulations and best wishes. See you at the NYFF soon?


Colin Stanfield

Congrats Eug! Whereas your colleagues at iW might miss you day-to-day, I think we’ll all continue to see lots of you going forward. I’m excited to see what direction you and the crew at FSLC take in the digital space and am excited for you personally as you explore your new role. All the best! Colin


Wow, couldn’t happen to a nicer or more qualified guy — congrats to you Eugene and to the Lincoln Center. I echo the thanks from the community for all you’ve done to keep us informed all these years … salud!

Stefan Avalos

Congratulations Eugene – on your future, your present, and your past.
Thank you for everything Indiewire has been. Couldn’t have done it without you.


So glad you will be continuing and expanding the possibilities for all of us in this film community.

The Family

Coming from the “west end”………….how could we not be proud as ever. Congratulations, and as always,we are in yor total support………….. M&D………Genca

Mo McFadden, Santa Barbara Press Agent

Rose Kuo has just doubled-down (it’s a 21 reference) on her vision for Lincoln Center and she picked the right man !

Nancy Collet

Wow, congratulations Eugene! Very exciting opportunity!

Tania Zarak

Match made in heaven – congrats Eugene!



wow! couldnt’ have happened to a nicer chap! well done!

Martin Kelley

Congratulations Eugene…have fun in your new role.


wieland speck

eugene, as always facing news like this the thought imposes itself: how can it be! but of course it can – so i only will say: good for the lincoln center! and congrats Rose Kuo for the choice!!!!
loved your work all these years and am glad indiewire stays strong
wieland speck panorama berlin film fest

Ross Katz

Amazing, Eugene. Huge congratulations. You’re such a major influence on independent filmmaking. To see you take it to a newer height is fantastic.

Efe Cakarel

Congratulations, Eugene. You’ll do great things at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.


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