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Oscar Watch: Gurus ‘O Gold Top Contenders, Godard No-Show

Oscar Watch: Gurus 'O Gold Top Contenders, Godard No-Show

Thompson on Hollywood

Movie City News webmaster David Poland has lined up the usual suspects for this year’s round of Gurus ‘O Gold of Oscar-watching. The top seven ranking is shared by most of this group of 11 voters:

1. Inception
2. The Kids Are All Right
3. The King’s Speech
4. Toy Story 3
5. The Social Network
6. True Grit
7. Black Swan

After that, there is more uncertainty, although Another Year, The Fighter, Love and Other Drugs, 127 Hours and Winter’s Bone are in the fray. I’m not sure why Never Let Me Go isn’t higher in the rankings. I seem to be higher on prospects for The Tempest and Inside Job: frankly I was stretching to come up with 13, not to mention the 15 Poland was asking for. Some of these films will have more chances at acting (Another Year, Love and Other Drugs) or category nods (Inside Job) than landing on the top ten list, which we’re projecting (admittedly) way too early.

Speaking of Oscars, it’s no surprise that Jean-Luc Godard, 79, is having some fun at the Academy’s expense, and will not show for the Governor’s Awards in November. In 2007 he did not attend the European Film Academy awards to accept his lifetime achievement prize, demurring in a message: “I don’t have the impression that I have made a career.” His companion Anne-Marie Mieville explained his reasons for not accepting the honorary Oscar in person:

“He just told me, ‘It’s not the Oscars.’ At first he thought it was going to be part of the same ceremony, then he realised it was a separate thing in November…Jean-Luc won’t go to America, he’s getting old for that kind of thing. Would you go all that way just for a bit of metal? He will reply to the letter.”

Academy spokesperson Leslie Unger told THR Monday:

“We’ve not formally heard that he’s not coming. We certainly hope he can and he will. But if he doesn’t, we’ll still honor him and have an awards presentation at the event, and we will make sure by appropriate means that the statuette gets to him in due course.”

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Gut feeling: No matter how awesome “Social Network” is, and I have a feeling it will be excellent, I think it will receive a bulk of backlash for being a twisted account about Facebook. Facebook people were reacting a few weeks ago, and I think this will hurt its prospects in the Oscar race. Whenever there’s some sort of real-life reaction to a biopic, i.e. Mississippi Burning, Hilary and Jackie, that spells doom for a film’s awards run.


I’m sorry,and sorry for my poor English.

Btw, Hollywood Elsewhere reported Love and Other Drugs’s early word was excellen several months ago,but now like they denied it.It seems like it’s mediocre rom-com.It’s too bad.I expected Anne’s Oscar nod.(Posts on commnet section are also interesting.)

Also The Social Network has very strong buzz.I just hope it will match our expectation.I’m not worried though.D・Fincher is a great director,unlike E・Zwick.


Get Low gets in the Top 10. Beloved actors at the top of their game. SAG, the biggest voting block in the Academy, recognizes them and the picture.


Has anybody seen True Grit? I haven’t heard much on this one. I’m wondering why its so high on the lists if there haven’t been any reviews.

The Pope

The King’s Speech will move in on that list pretty soon I am sure. And I am hoping that The Way Home will do the same thing. The King’s Speech sounds like it ticks all the boxes and is a satisfying time. Plus it has a distributor that likes it. The Way Home might tick many boxes, but sounds very challenging (if not very rewarding). Against is a distributor that seems intent on screwing it up. A pity, because Peter Weir deserves a helluva lot better. 6 Oscar noms. Now that Marty has won his Oscar, Weir is the best and most nominated without.


Koto…stop acting weird….

I had no anticipation whatsoever for the Kings Speech pre-telluride but now DAMn…diein to see it. And one the topic of “The Way Back”…if & when Newmarket actually decides to make the decision to give a 2010 release…the hesitation of picking it will be gone i think. Of course we have such little amount of substantial reviews for the film(THR, Tapley, AO Scott, Cinematical)…and of course there’s going to be the small faction of dissenters sayings its too long and brutal…but from what i can seee… early word is pretty damn strong and weir delivered. And it feels like it could be that whole “An overdue director’s return to cinema…just f’ing vote for him”-type situation. Personally…i’m just looking forward to seeing an Adult Epic.

Also, very interested in how NLMG is going to be received post-telluride. Reaction seems to lean to the positive but everythings thats not positive is pretty much a straight up pan. I kinda hope mulligan gets a second nom…though the other 2 actors seem to be completely dead in the water.



Sorry,back to back post..Forgot to mention that Jim Sturgess is also getting great reviews for the performance in TWB,actually more than Ronan.


>Peter Weir deserves a helluva lot better. 6 Oscar noms.
I totally agree! He is a great director.

Btw,I asked about THE WAY BACK at Telluride,like “how was audience reactions to TWB” and got some replies at AD.

“..the way back had mostly very postive word. infact there werent really any major duds at telluride. so far id call only Miral the true dud of any festival thus far. Never let me go has been pretty devided.”

“From what I hear from the festival circuit, with acclaim in order from most to least-

1. The King’s Speech (Near Universal Praise In All Respects, And A Big Boost For The 3 Leading Cast Members)

2. 127 Hours (Very Strong Praise, Big Boost For Both Franco And Boyle)

3. The Way Back (Strong Praise, Though Some Feel It’s TOO Dark. Cast Is Getting Good Reviews, With Special Notices Going To Harris, Farrell, and Ronan)

4. The Black Swan (Some Detractors, But Many Raves. Even Those Who Weren’t Blown Away Admired Parts Of It And Raved Natalie Portman)

5. Somewhere (Strong-Mixed. Nobody Is Calling It A Masterpiece, With It’s Highest Praise Being That It’s Coppola’s Closest Thing To Re-Capturing The Magic Of ‘Lost In Translation’. Dorff And Fanning Both Had Good Reviews, With A Few More Going To Fanning)

6. Never Let Me Go (Almost A Total Divide. Those Who Loved It Found It To Be A Masterpiece, Those Who Hated It Damn Near Loathed It. Acting Is Solid All Around, Many Raving For Mulligan)

7. Miral (Mostly Disappointment Or Mixed Reactions. Only Hiam Abass Got Good Notices Here And There, But Nothing To Put Her In Contention)

This is what I’ve been getting from reviews and a few of my own insiders. Hope this helps!”

And it’s intereting comment.
“The King’s Speech is a crowd pleaser. 127 Hours, Biutiful, The Way Back and The Black Swan are not. They are dark movies. Therefore, The King’s Speech wowed the crowds.”

Sorry for the long post.

vincent lesh

re: The “top” seven ranking

2. The Kids Are Not All Right-
of course children from a “non-traditional” family are going to be smart, funny- and completely normal! and much more so than their parents… if only hollywood ruled the world.

3. The King’s Beseech –
who really gives a damn about the royals, really. and didn’t we just see this a few years ago (the queen). the truly great john lydon said it best when he compared them all to a bunch of medieval gangsters.

5. The Anti-Social Network –
facebook is already a purgatory of wasted time, a movie about it is oblivion unto itself. where is virgil when you really need him.

7. Black Yawn –
aronofsky is so self-important it approaches caricature… we can only hope that tarantino in his wisdom fails to recognize darren’s obvious greatness, at venice.

that leaves a cartoon (albeit a great one)-
and a 3D funhouse… but again the finest spectacle of its kind.

there has never been a better time to be an audience- or an artist.
where are the great FILMS, people. not people talking about how great their work is-
but actually writing, directing, producing- and making some.

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