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Oscar Watch: Waiting for Superman Meets Zuckerberg on Oprah

Oscar Watch: Waiting for Superman Meets Zuckerberg on Oprah

Thompson on Hollywood

Paramount has sent out “for Your Consideration” six-city screening invites for Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island and Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting for Superman, which got serious Oprah Winfrey love this week, with two shows devoted to the controversial American education expose. The second show also featured Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who didn’t say much as Winfrey explained that he was reluctant to appear and had wanted to make his contribution to the Newark city schools anonymously.

Needless to say Zuckerberg was talked out of it, clearly recognizing the wisdom of a counter-Social Network PR campaign. “I’ve committed to starting the Start-Up Education Foundation,” he said, launching it with a $100-million challenge grant. “Every child deserves a good education and right now that is not happening. I’ve had a lot of opportunities in my life, and a lot of that comes from having gone to really good schools.”

Winfrey did ask him about The Social Network (which hit big at the NYFF opener Friday night). “It’s a movie, it’s fun,” Zuckerberg replied. “I can promise you, this is my life so I know it’s not that dramatic. The last six years have been a lot of coding and focus and hard work, but maybe it would be fun to remember it as partying and all this crazy drama.”

Zuckerberg appears superficially different from Jesse Eisenberg’s fast-talking shark in The Social Network. He’s a youthful 26, and clearly not comfortable in the public eye. He was awkward in front of both Diane Sawyer and Winfrey. But when her crew shot him with his girlfriend at home in Palo Alto, just like the opening scene of The Social Network, he stepped all over the girl’s lines. Clearly, he is in his element in front of a computer screen.

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Now what ? We finally end PL 107-110 NCLB under funded for years ? Actually evaluate a teacher instead of being in violation of State law because they’re not given the support and instructional feedback needed. Imagine an evaluation system for teacher’s that is actually effective and finding solutions that create positive results. GS 115C-333….Support and Instructional feedback is critical to growth and development. It’s always the teacher’s fault and if not, then it has to be the Union to blame but it ‘d never be Charter’s concern fighting for the almighty dollar in Public Education or the govt. to be held accountable. Is it a bird ? Noooooo! Is it a plane ? Noooooo ! Is it the Twister ? Yeahhhh ! “Let’s Twist Again.” Federal and State levels of govt. really need to get it together in education.Rhee reform ? “Help,I’m melting”…and Fenty didn’t win. Very powerful message sent on Rhee Reform and educational reform over-all for good reason. Can Rhee use another adjective to describe her educational views other than “crappy.” Not waiting For Superman ! Explain what Higly Qualified is under NCLB ? Think it’s working ?

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