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Rotten Tomatoes Goes Social

Rotten Tomatoes Goes Social

Thompson on Hollywood

Founded in 1998, movie-review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is making changes under new owner Flixster. It’s going social.

While I am a great believer in the authority of film critics, Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes are bowing to the power of social recommendation software by partnering with Facebook to offer friend opinions to users who are logged into Facebook when they visit RT or Flixster, along with personalized movie recommendations based upon the movies they’ve liked. Both sites are also adding an Audience Score–an aggregation of all ratings and reviews contributed by Flixster users – alongside the Tomatometer– to every movie page.

“Our new social features are ‘word-of-mouth’ on steroids,” said Joe Greenstein, CEO and co-founder of Flixster.

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great post as usual!


I’m all for more information, but as a hater of facebook, I’m thinking this may be where “rgm” is coming from. At least that’s what made me moan.


Sorry, you wrote “bowing,” not “pandering.” My mistake.


Aargh? I say the more information the better if it helps me avoid a lousy movie. This doesn’t diminish what Rotten Tomatoes does, it just brings it into the real world. Ever been steered wrong by critics? You know, with a movie like “The Last Exorcism,” say? Or avoided a movie that actually turned out to be decent because critics say it was bad? This levels the playing field and offers one more piece of information, the way I see it. It’s not “pandering,” it’s just keeping up with the reality of things. And if it drives more people to check out a movie they might not otherwise see because not JUST critics but their friends say it’s worth checking out, then all the better.

It’s a good thing. Don’t panic. Just relax! We live in a connected world. Critics aren’t the only voices; why NOT let audiences have a say-so? If they were REPLACING critics reviews with audience reviews, that would be a HUGE problem, but it’s an add, not a subtract.



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