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The Time For TIFF Has Come Again

The Time For TIFF Has Come Again

The time has once again come for most equally feared and anticipated part of my annual work calendar: the Toronto International Film Festival. This will be my ninth festival. My very first came back in 2002 – when I bought a pass to all the Galas with money that my parents had intended to be used to pay for books during my first year of university. Nine years later, I’ve gone from spectator to TIFF staff member to press when a friend told me to apply for an internship at indieWIRE, which ended up obviously working out and now I’m embarking on my fifth year here with them. So, yes, my relationship to this festival has drastically changed. What was once a fun part of my first week back at university has turned into one of the socially and professionally eventful times of the year, and I’ll admit it’s always a horrendously stressful lead-up. The 300+ film lineup is impossible to negotiate and you know going in that you’re going to end up not seeing half of what you want to. And I also have the added insanity that is having a film festival in your hometown. Private and professional social worlds collide and all of a sudden everyone you’ve ever met is in a 20 block radius. But in the end it always somehow comes together without catastrophe. So far.

Anyway, so check in at (and if I have time, here), for 10 days of pretty intensive coverage of everything TIFF. And wish me luck.

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Saw you, literally, running around at the opening party, despite the professional/social stress which I totally understand, I hope you are able to enjoy some of it, at least STIFF ;)


I am going to the film festival for the first time this year and I am hoping you can answer a few questions. I have tickets for a gala event on the Friday evening at Roy Thompson Hall. The movie is at 9:30 so how early do you suggest I arrive? What is the dress like for a gala vs. a regular screening? And finally, is there a line to get in and is there a line to get to the red carpet? Any other tips that you think may be helpful are always appreciated too. Thank you so much.

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