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TIFF: Affleck Talks The Town

TIFF: Affleck Talks The Town

After playing Venice and Toronto, Ben Affleck’s sophomore directing effort The Town, in which he stars himself this time, opens Friday. It’s a straightforward entertaining character-driven genre piece set in Boston based on a novel by Chuck Hogan about a Charlestown gang of bank robbers who are under avid pursuit by the FBI. Affleck is trying to make a movie that’s both smart and mainstream; he gives himself a juicy role as a wily robber who falls in love with a bank staffer (Rebecca Hall) and then looks to get out. Jeremy Renner is charismatic and dangerous as his trigger-happy partner in crime, while Jon Hamm is wasted in a dull role as an FBI agent. Blake Lively is believably sexy and pathetic as Affleck’s angry, drug-addicted ex-girlfriend scorned.

I flip cammed Affleck in Toronto. Did I have more questions? Yes. Warner Bros. books these things pretty tight.

Part One:

Part Two:

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Michael Herbertson

Great interview. Ben does not look beat though. He looks fantastic, a little little too fantastic. I’m guessing a lot of time at Aida Gray on Wilshire. Anybody I’ve ever met who’s just completed a film looks like death afterwards. This wasn’t done with your little flip cam…No? He’s a great director, and a smart cookie in terms of being a Hollywood movie star. Everyone’s comparing him to Clint, but I’d say he’s ripped a few pages from Warren Beatty’s notepad… good for him. Love it.


Good interview. Affleck comes off like a smart cat, especially when he was talking about Renner’s character and the budget.

Also, is Jon Hamm playing a cop here? Thought it was FBI…

KaMeek Lucas Taitt

Great interview! I can see doing the press rounds is exhausting. Mr. Affleck looks beat.

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