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Armie Hammer Says He Was Told That Warners Are Looking For A “35-40” Year Old ‘Superman’

Armie Hammer Says He Was Told That Warners Are Looking For A "35-40" Year Old 'Superman'

Time to re-do those “Superman” picks?

Ever since his breakthrough turn as the entitled, affluent and beefy crew-rowing Winklevoss twins in David Fincher‘s what-actually-happened Facebook procedural, “The Social Network,” Armie Hammer‘s name has been batted around as a contender for the role of Superman in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming film that’s being “godfathered” by Christopher Nolan (with Snyder on-board as the director, “godfathered” now becomes a euphemism for “making sure he doesn’t f*ck it up”).

We weren’t really having it. Sure, he is one of the stand-out roles in the picture, we do expect great things from him and we did name him (somewhat reluctantly) as a sort-of contender for the role, but the 24-year-old actor still doesn’t seem exactly right for the role; possibly too young. While he was supposed to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in George Miller‘s “Justice League,” (subtitled by us as “Teen Justice League” as the average age of every actor playing a hero seemed to be just over 20), cooler heads prevailed and deep-sixed the picture before it could get out of the gate (like “Batman Vs. Superman” or J.J. Abrams‘ “Superman: Flyby” script, it was one of the near-misses in super-hero film history).

However, in a recent interview with Vulture — who have obviously also noticed his name in connection with all the fan-made dream-casting — Hammer said, “I did talk to my people recently about that for the first time, and I think they’re going a little older with Superman. I hear they’re going 35, 40.” So Hammer’s checked with his agents and essentially has given all the rabidly curious fans some insight into what Nolan, Snyder, WB and Legendary are aiming for.

It’s definitely a new and interesting development that certainly effects all the “Superman” speculation thus far.

Hammer also talked about the aforementioned Justice League role and said that Miller’s film was tightly under wraps. So much so that he doesn’t even have a picture of himself in the Batman costume. “When we were down there on the soundstages, they would take our cell phones from us if they had cameras on them. This was so top secret and so locked down, it was like walking into the Pentagon.”

Those who want to know what the Batman costume was like? Harmie says it was very utilitarian. “Because Batman has such incredible resources, his utility belt was made from the finest Italian leather and highly polished, and the things that would come out of his forearm, they were titanium but wrapped in very fine leather.” Ah, what could have been…

So back to “Superman: The Man Of Steel” (if that indeed sticks as the title). Does this mean Jon Hamm is back in contention? Discuss.

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Its better to hire a younger actor who can gracefully age for the the next 10 years. Tom Welling was in his mid 20s when he started. 10 years after, he is in his mid 30s. He still looks dashing. How does a 40 year old guy looks in ten. years. I have not read anything regarding the older choice for Superman. I hope its not true. Superman is geared for the younger men audience. I do not think these young audience will go and see Jon. They will probably prefer Armie. The young ladies will surely go and see him. Based on what I have heard on the streets, young ladies still go back and watch social network to gaze at Armie.


I got no problem with the “early days” starting late in Clark Kent’s life but, I mean, how “late” can we go and keep the young audience interested? Will Clark actually go Anderson Cooper-360 or still be a neebish desk jockey?

I’m totally down for breaking with the entire Superman universe; I’m just getting the feeling that Kent would have all these pent-up emotions over his adult life and then go postal, finally taking on his birthright.

As long as the actual film starts with a BANG, meaning a earth-shattering fight (with a country, a spaceship armada, another Kryptonian, Zod, WHOMever’s gonna threaten the Earth’s orbit), then I can run with it. As per Nolan’s usual story arcs, I’m down for Flashbacks, VOs, et al: Clark Kent as that broken man-refugee with dreams – the one who ” can’t take it anymore” – busting out in his red-and-blues.

All previous design commentary is duly noted.


Hammer could easily be made up to look like he’s in his mid-30s. And if this is a franchise (ie a trilogy), I would think you’d want someone younger to play “older” because you have to consider the fact that it will take 8-9 years to do three films and having a Superman who looks to be pushing 50 in part 3 may not be for the best.

I gather the idea is that, yes, Supes came to Earth as a boy, but has been hiding his super powers all along and simply having a journalism career as “Clark Kent” until certain events unfold that encourage him to create the Superman persona and start taking care of business.


STOP. Hammer time.

He’d be an excellent choice for a long-running franchise. But no complaints from me if they want to hire Hamm instead.

Just re-order the comments, change the font and put more stories on the front page and you have yourself a winner in terms of layout.


I didn’t know Superman was a late bloomer.

No complaints about the ads. At least they’re movie related and don’t automatically start blaring as soon as the page loads.


” ANOTHER origin story” has — typically — been taken way out of context and blown up by people.

I believe what was actually said was that it was Superman’s “early days” and nowhere in any bible does it say Superman’s early days have to be in his 20s. That’s just an assumption that’s being made from the superman lore, smallville and all that.

We’re working on the layout, but obviously ads are ads. I’m the first person to complain about aesethetics (sic, no time for spell check), but i don’t see that many issues so far.


Part of me really would loved to have seen that George Miller Justice League movie, but it would have screwed up everything for franchises elsewhere.

So if does open the door for a Jon Hamm casting I’d still have to try really hard to get over the Zack Snyder thing, but here I am commenting on a superman story. Again.


Wait, this makes no sense. Hammer’s getting the runaround again. Didn’t you and your fellow, legit blogs (I’m thinking Heat Vision) say that Synder is playing with ANOTHER origin story? So Superman will be hitting middle-age, new (and maybe jaded) to Earth?

By the way, congrats on the IndieWire move; not a fan of the layout though. Word-dociously heavy. I’m just sayin’.

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