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‘Batman 3’ Reportedly Looking For Female Lead

'Batman 3' Reportedly Looking For Female Lead

File Under Shocker

We’re tempted to file this one under, “no shit, sherlock,” but a) we’re back on our don’t-be-outraged medication this week and b) we’ll admit, this is, we suppose an interesting, if very foreseeable, development.

According to Australian site, MovieHole, Christopher Nolan‘s third, untitled “Batman” film (aka “Batman 3” for now), is on the hunt for a new female lead. Katie Holmes, then Maggie Gyllenhaal; there’s already been two female leads in Nolan’s previous Batman films, “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” (both played the romantic interest Rachel Dawes). With Dawes out of the picture (spoiler, she dies in ‘TDK,’ where have you been?) it seems only natural that Christian Bale‘s Playboy-ish Bruce Wayne character would have some sort female interest in his life.

So without providing many details, Moviehole says, that a “revolving door will be in operation for the better part of this week as director Christopher Nolan and producers meet with their prospective female lead.” These are all apparently tentative meetings and while Moviehole claims to know names, they’re not naming any.

Really a non-story (wait, why did we start this piece?), but Moviehole does say that insiders “suspect” this could be the often-rumored Catwoman role. Frankly, we think that Catwoman is a pretty ridiculous character in the Nolan-directed Batman world as much as geek sites would like to think otherwise. We’re betting it’s another Dawes-like character.

So far, no word has been made on new casting news in “Batman 3” other than actor-of-the-moment Tom Hardy (“Inception“) who now has room on his schedule in 2011 thanks to “Mad Max: Fury Road” being pushed to a 2012 production start date. Christian Bale will be back and so too presumably will be actors like Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman , among others. “Batman 3” is eying an April, 2011 start date. No villains have been made, but that won’t stop the Internet from claiming any faint trace of “evidence” means XYZ character is in the movie. If any familiar villains do show up (Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman), we expect them to appear in some stripped-down, far less cartoony than the comic books much like the way Nolan made The Joker and Two-Face seem like very plausible, psychotic antagonists.

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hope it will be Cotillard or Green for the female character


Not to just pile on with an INCEPTION-fest, but Marion Cotillard could play an amazing Catwoman/Selina Kyle or Talia. I’m not familiar enough with Batman’s other female villains…I don’t see her as a Vicki Vale type reporter though.


Miller gave us a respectable Catwoman in Year One….


I could totally see a Catwoman…as long as he doesn’t drss up as a cat.
Give her some sexy leather and acrobatic skills and make her rob a couple banks. Boom! New love interest.

As for Hardy. Can someone please petition him for Bane?


It would be quite ridiculous if Catwoman was not the new female lead in Batman 3. She is such an important figure in Batman’s life!


too bad! i thought Batman/Bale could have a gay love story with Hardy


I would’ve thought that “Catwoman” would cancel out any appearance in the Nolan-verse.


I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that it’s Pamela Isly/Poison Ivy. Make her an American grown terrorist of some sort who is killing off powerful people in Gotham from arsenic laced roses (or something similar, just plant based). Make her a broken woman who just kills people with plant based chemicals and no need for the more gimmicky elements like the (oh-so-sexy) suit, killer vines, and the name Poison Ivy.

Of course maybe I just want Poison Ivy in the movie to see that Mad Men chick on film. Poison Ivy in the 90s cartoon pretty much brought me into puberty.


Paz de la Huerta is awful. worst part of ‘boardwalk empire’ and awful in awful ‘enter the void.


Vicki Vale, va-Vicki Vale.


Paz de la Huerta as Harley Quinn


I really don’t think that Catwoman’s character is necessarily beyond the stretch of realism fit for Nolan’s vision. She would be well-served to be more like a minor villain, predominantly a jewel thief or something of that ilk, that becomes a major love interest for Batman/Bruce Wayne. As long as she’s not purring, bathing herself, or endowed with magical feline powers then I think we’d be in good shape.

That being said, I wouldn’t hold it against Nolan for not including her in the story, and rather just makes another Rachel Dawes-like character that makes Batman more vulnerable.

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