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Eisner’s FameTown Will Be Huge

Eisner's FameTown Will Be Huge

Thompson on Hollywood

I am as guilty of wasting time playing Flixster movie games on Facebook as anyone else. And I am forecasting here and now that ex-Disney chief Michael Eisner’s bet on the new social game FameTown (Napster’s Shawn Fanning brought him into the start-up Diversion) will pay off big-time (as it did with Zynga’s FarmVille and Mafia Wars). The FameTown game launches on Facebook November 1 and will reap income from selling virtual goods.

Why am I so bullish? Because I want to play it. It reminds me of the way The Sims pulled you into another world. In this case, it’s Hollywood. You pick an avatar of an aspiring actor and try to make it as a star, hiring an agent, going to the right parties, etc. The game engages our fantasies about how we would play the game better than all those idiots trying to make it as Tinseltown celebs. Why is Ben Affleck a rich Oscar-winning movie star married to Jennifer Garner and we aren’t?

FameTown will be huge. The dynamics of FameTown are not far off from those of Hollywood, Eisner told the NYT: “Half the people who work in the movies worked in the mail room or as waiters.”

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Keil Shults

I still don’t understand how Facebook or any of its games can make much money from advertisers. I’ve been using Facebook for two years and don’t think I’ve ever clicked on one of the ads. I would imagine that most people don’t. Also, the best Facebook game is Scramble. The end.

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