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Galifianakis Dive-Bombs Gibson on The Hangover Part II?

Galifianakis Dive-Bombs Gibson on The Hangover Part II?

Thompson on Hollywood

Count me in as a Zach Galifianakis fan. His work in The Hangover, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Vanity Fair’s sexy bathing suit layout is brilliant.

But it seems that he fought against casting Mel Gibson in a cameo on The Hangover Part II. Galifianakis refuses to accept some roles on moral grounds, he told Scott Aukerman, the host of the podcast Comedy Death-Ray, earlier this month:

“But a movie you’re acting in, you don’t have a lot of control—you just show up and vomit your lines out. I’m not the boss. I’m in a deep protest right now with a movie I’m working on, up in arms about something. But I can’t get the guys to [listen] … I’m not making any leeway.” He cut off Aukerman when he tried to say the name of the movie he was shooting at the time, which started with H. Galifianakis added: “It has something to do with a movie I’m working on, yeah. I’ll tell you about it later. It’s very frustrating.”

It looks like Galifianakis got his way. Moral grounds? Abhor Gibson as much as you want: he’s got it coming. But this reeks of blacklisting.

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Anne Thompson

Blacklisting is when a group refuses employment to someone because they disapprove of them, for whatever reason–politics, misbehavior, or religion. Ostracize, shun, avow your dislike all you want. But don’t prevent someone from getting a job because of their beliefs. In other words, you can quit your job in protest because you don’t want to work with someone, but you shouldn’t prevent them from getting that job because you don’t want to work with them.

Here’s the wikipedia definition:


“Blacklisting” as an abhorrent practice during the McCarthy era involved the Hollywood studios secretly banding together to refuse employment to people suspected of being–or once having been–members of communist or socialist groups. That’s completely different from one person deciding he doesn’t want to work with another person because of hateful views he has professed. I think you’re on the wrong side on this one Anne.


If Zack doesn’t want to work with a racist (yes, he is) and alcoholic Mel Gibson then it’s his decision. In the past Mel Gibson was a respected actor but that changed because of his behaviour. It’s his own fault.


So, Brian…

You’re equating an on-camera blowjob with domestic abuse, sexism and racist/antisemitic vitriol…? That’s a curious moral equivalency that requires a more detailed explanation…


People have a right to hold unpopular views–be they racist, sexist or anti-semitic–as long as they don’t physically hurt anybody or deny someone their rights because of such prejudices or break the law in acting on those prejudices. Has Gibson actually ever been charged with a crime related to his prejudices? As far as I know he was only charged with drunken driving. And he was arrested for it. End of story. Sexual exploitation of black women by white men is another matter and so is pornography. THE HANGOVER broke the rules by staging that scene and featuring that image and the film should have been dealt with accordingly. You’re outraged by someone’s attitudes, but not by someone’s actions. I find that curious.

You have every right to shun people who are prejudiced. But do you have a right to deny them employment if their prejudices have never harmed anyone? Granted, Gibson’s behavior when drunk is alarming and shows poor judgment on his part and that might give potential employers pause. But that’s only because we KNOW about it. How many other stars have done far worse when drunk but had it all hushed up? And as long as they show up on time, know their lines and hit their marks, should their drunken lapses be used against them? Only when it affects their boxoffice. And if news stories of Gibson’s behavior cause patrons to stay home, then I can understand not wanting to hire him. But all he needs is one good LETHAL WEAPON or ROAD WARRIOR-type sequel to bring in the crowds and all will be forgiven. But if his prejudices compel him to make a film that many people find repellent and everyone stays home, that will be suitable punishment. It’s all up to Gibson. I’d love to see him play a villain given to rants like his own. He could have a whole new career as a character actor playing psychopaths and demagogues that the audience hates. And then he can go on Charlie Rose talking about how playing these roles allows him to exorcise his “demons.”


In the end credits of THE HANGOVER, there’s a photo of Zach G. with a middle-aged black woman kneeling before him performing a real (i.e. not simulated) sexual act on him. It was a pornographic image and the MPAA should have asked the makers to remove it or else slap the film with an NC-17 rating.

I don’t see how this guy can justify being so high and mighty about Gibson.


To be fair to Galifanakis, he may have objected to Tyson’s presence in the first film, as well. But since he didn’t have the star power back then to influence the choices of the directors/producers, he lost the battle. We have no idea what happened behind the scenes.

gandolf fintch

It’s odd that people keep saying that Mel Gibson was drunk when he ranted and raved as if that negates what he did or said. The judge doesn’t dismiss vehicular manslaughter because the defendant was drunk at the time of the accident. Also, alcohol is a revealer, not a concealer. It releases the inhibitions. It does not instill anything in a person that’s not already there. I can drink a fifth of Jack Daniels and I wouldn’t start speaking French or begin deciphering quantum physic formulas. It ain’t in me. Yes, his conversations with his ex-girlfriend were private, but when a person decides to be a celebrity, unfortunately, they have to trade some privacy for the other special privileges their fame affords them. Lastly, his behavior during his arrest in 2006 was in public. And if the average person behaved the way he did with the police, they would have been taken to the police station would a bloody nose and lip.


This grudge against Mel Gibson has run its course and Zach. G is an idiot for adding fuel to fire, is he a saint who has never acted inapropriately, never done anything wrong in his life before, where does he get of being so judgemental to the point of promoting the idea of Blacklisting him from films.

What Gibson has apparently said and done is wrong, aknowledged, move on.

Mel Gibson has been making successful fovies for decades, Zach. G has appears in one successful movie and all of a sudden he’s calling the shots as if the sucess of the sequel falls squarely on his shoulders.

Its not a popularity contest, its about good casting, just as Tyson was well cast in the first Hangover movie.

Zach.G, if you read this take your head out of your ass, and knock that chip of your shoulder and stop hiding behind your beard. Its because of actors like Gibson that keep the movie industry alive, you appeared in one successful film, in a SUPPORTING ROLE, Gibson has been responsible for classics. Gibson isn’t racist, he’s a drunk and a religious nutcase, but that doesn’t stop him from making a decent flick.

Zach.G, maybe one day you’ll need assistance and support from your fellow actors, don’t be suprised if nobody comes to your aide, apart from your two co stars from your one film, idiot.


You do have to wonder what sort of state Hollywood is in when a douche like Galifianakis has the power to dropkick Mel Gibson. No wonder most movies are terrible these days.


zacks becoming mainstream he ignored jon stewert live on
a night of too many stars…he and david spade are little bitches


downey but no gibson?

Glenn Dunks

Firstly, it’s not like Gibson’s cameo would have been all that beneficial to the movie, really. Gibson’s last movie (“Edge of Darkness”) was a flop and “The Hangover” was a huge success, they don’t need him.

However, I know that I wouldn’t want to work with Gibson because of his views on homosexuals and if Galifiniakis is in a position to hold leverage and do something about his wishes to not work with Gibson then why not. Remember, he might not want to work with Gibson due to his racism, not his abuse towards his ex wife.

And, furthermore, if Gibson were to make the movie then Galifiniakis would have had to talk about it during the press tour and maybe he just doesn’t want to have to spend 6 months travelling the globe, advertising “The Hangover 2” and saying “he was so attentive on set. there was no sign of any personal issues at all (etc)”.


I’ve directed short films and there are certain people I’ve refused to work with because they’re a–holes. I think it’s everyone’s right to decide who they want to work with. That being said, it’s a shame that people like Gibson are judged based on tabloid news stories. If Galifianakis actually met Gibson and had problems with him, that would be one thing, but I doubt it.

I was listening to Fresh Air on Tuesday, and Terry Gross was interviewing Jason Schwartzman, who was saying he always feels insecure as an actor. And Terry Gross said, “I heard that when you were on the set of ‘Rushmore’, Bill Murray said to you, ‘They told me they’d get someone who could act, and you can’t act.'” And Schwartzman said, “Yeah, he said that.”

I know Jason Schwartzman was in ‘The Darjeeling Limited,’ which Murray had a cameo in, but if Schwartzman was offered a buddy comedy with Bill Murray, professionally, he’d be a FOOL to turn it down. But, I think, life is too short to deal with a–holes for the sake of art. Not say that Gibson is one. I’m sure he’s really professional on set. So, if he’s professional on set, I say, let him work. I changed my mind halfway through writing this comment. They should have let Gibson be in the movie.


Galifinakis is a hypocrite and just grandstading to make himself seem cool and win more fans over, but this dumb ass forgets he acted along a known rapist-felon who did time in a maximum securty prison. Mel hns’t even been charged yet let alone convicted of anything.

Many in the know ( the investigation ) are leery about the true validity of the tapes and may feel they have been doctored. Yes, I do believe Mel needs anger management and obviously needs to not drink, but his first wife of many years said he never laid a hand on her even in his heavy drinking days. Why would he all the sudden start now. The investigation is also looking into the validity if he actually really got physical with her or the baby. That is still being in question.
Before you put the noose around Mel’s neck ( who’s hardly a saint ) sit back and wait for the truth to come out before you call him guitly of beating her up. All you have is crazy drunken ramblings on a cell phone ( that seem doctored- his voice on a cell phone hers talking into a recorder )


The point isn’t really whether or not Mel Gibson is a repulsive human being — who knows? He hasn’t committed a crime here (unlike Tyson and Polanski and horders of other regularly-working people in Hollywood), some tapes of him recorded in a very private matter were released. Yeah, they sound pretty gross, but c’mon…

If we had video or audiotape of every working actor when they were engaged in a drunken fight with a lover or spouse, and then blacklisted them if they said some nasty things, WHO THE (*#$@ WOULD STILL BE WORKING?

This reeks of blacklisting and overall sanctimony. Galifanakis just dropped several pegs in my book. I’m no Gibson fan but I can acknowledge his work will be relevant 50 years from now…Galifanakis is a flavor-of-the-month with a lot to prove.

Dean Treadway

Even thought the cameo in the first film came from convicted rapist and notorious ear biter Mike Tyson, it’s been a few years since those incidents and things have dies down enough for Mike’s appearance to seem like a lark. But this stuff with Gibson, it’s just too soon. Maybe he could appear in The Hangover 6, but for 2, it’d be like casting Polanski in a Heidi remake. It would derail the picture before it’s even begun filming, and would only serve as a distraction for the people working on it. They’d inevitably feel, as Galifinakis rightly has probably concluded, that their efforts at comedy were tantamount to time wasted. Gibson made his bed, and made it long before the tapes were released. One could say he crafted the sheet cornering when he once said his non-Catholic wife wasn’t gonna get into Heaven with him. I don’t believe in Heaven, but may I say, that’s a shitty thing for a person to say. And it was said completely sober. I think we know what the guy’s like with a few whiskeys in him. Urgh. Forget it. He needs a long vacation, and luckily, he’s got the cash to take it. Feel not bad for Mel.


It’s one thing if someone has an affair, or gets caught with blow. But there are several hours of audiotape that reveal Gibson to be completely off his rocker when he has a drink or six at best- and legitimately nuts at worst. I wouldn’t want to show up and be funny to help rehab his career either, and if Galifianakis has to put his foot down to make people see this for the horrid idea it was, more power to him. Be nice if he’d get the homophobia and racism turned down a notch from the first one as well, but I guess all battles can’t be won.


Can we please not paint Zach as the bad guy here?
Gibson brought this on himself.
I wouldn’t want to work with him either.


It’s funny that Galifinakis was quite happy to act along side a convicted rapist but yet someone who was drunk and said some bad things he draws a line at????

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