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Johnny Depp To Star In ‘The Thin Man’ Remake, Wants Rob Marshall To Direct

Johnny Depp To Star In 'The Thin Man' Remake, Wants Rob Marshall To Direct

When you’re one of the biggest actors in the world, it usually means you have about a half dozen projects on the go at any one time, and Johnny Depp is no different. He’s currently filming the fourth installment of “The Pirates Of The Caribbean” franchise, has “The Tourist” coming out in December and “The Rum Diary” and the animated “Rango” set to hit next year. As for upcoming projects, there’s Tim Burton‘s “Dark Shadows,” Kathryn Bigelow‘s “Sleeping Dogs” and Emir Kusturica‘s “Wild Roses, Tender Roses” all on his plate of potential projects. Well, you can add one more.

Johnny Depp wants to star in a remake of the classic “The Thin Man,” and moreover he wants Rob Marshall, his ‘On Stranger Tides‘ helmer, to direct. The project is in very early stages of development, with Depp looking to have it produced by his sister’s Infinitum Nihil shingle at Warner Bros. The film will be based on the classic book by Dashiell Hammett that follows a Nick Charles, who marries into money and “gives up a career as a hard-boiled gumshoe to become a semi-professional alcoholic and full-time trophy husband.” So, just transplant boozy Jack Sparrow for boozy upper crust dandy and you get the picture. There is no script or writter assigned yet, but Deadline reports that Terry Rossio (“Pirates Of The Caribbean“), Jerry Stahl (“Bad Boys II“) and Christopher McQuarrie (“The Tourist“) are in the running for the job.

Obviously, this one is a ways off but it looks like the kind of role tailor-made for Depp. After the jump is the trailer for 1934 film version with William Powell and Myrna Loy. You should probably add it your Netflix queue stat.

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Horrible idea. I remember back in the 90s, Nic Cage wanted to play Nick Charles. This idea is just as bad. This is one that needs to be left alone.


no. fuck this. nobody can replace Powell, especially not Depp. And Marshall is way too flashy. Bill Condon or someone with a similarly muted, workman style would be better. Also, they will probably fail in the casting of Nora.
And it wouldn’t really work anyway, because they’d strip away Nick Charles’ defining trait, that is, being an incorrigible drunk.


Rose Byrne would be perfect as playing Nick’s wife Nora Charles in this movie.


F*** you Johnny Deep. I love the Thin Man series! Please don’t ruin it with your boring ‘comedy’ shtick and Rob Marshall’s piece of shit direction.

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