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New Poster For Peter Weir’s ‘The Way Back’

New Poster For Peter Weir's 'The Way Back'

Oscar season is just heating up and the latest from Peter Weir, “The Way Back,” should figure prominently in the late season jockeying for awards nominations. Following the film’s trailer which dropped earlier in the month, we now have a look at a poster for the film. And no, it’s not earth-shaking or anything special, but it does the job of getting us to write about the movie again.

Starring Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Mark Strong and Saoirse Ronan, the epic follows a group of seven prisoners who escape a Siberian labor camp in 1940 and attempt to trek thousands of miles across hostile terrain to India and their freedom. The film premiered at Telluride to strong reviews and we certainly are optimistic for the picture from the brief look we’ve had at the trailer.

The film will hit theaters on December 29th in a limited release and will open wider in January. Update: Wide release begins on January 21, 2011.

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tiger tim

—LOVE Weir’s best stuff —BUT afraid Brits
CAN’T do the slav thing credibly. SORRY.

BTW —with GARGANTUAN unfolding New
World Order YOU-genocide coming hideously
to light –even as RED China is being MASSIVELY
militarized for its future planned role as ‘Army
of the World’ —-WHY is Weir wasting time on
done-to-death, pointless, anachronistic
material like this????

Jack S. Renton

Thaks for the spoilers forflann . Thanks a bunch.


Saoirse Ronan does not just have 3 films under her belt, look her up on imdb. You can count, can you? She has an oscar nom and 2 bafta noms. Mark Strong, with all due respect, is a nobody compared to her. Sorry to burst your bubble


Where´s mark strong oscar nomination?
Oh, nowhere, maybe that’s why Saoirse got the credit.


Dear Sara,
I didn’t say anything about “right”, I said “rate.” No, I don’t think a teenage girl with three films (no matter how critically well received) under her belt, does “rate” as highly in terms of box office recognition, which is the most important criteria for an actor having their name “above the title.” (Perhaps she has a better agent.) I was NOT disparaging Miss Ronan’s abilities, simply questioning the wisdom of not recognizing the current popularity of an actor (with scores of credits to his name) who is equally as critically lauded.


Since only 3 characters make the 4,000 mile journey to freedom its a good chance Colin Farrells character doesnt make it and the young girl bravely perishes in the Gobi desert .If the screenplay follows the book,by Slavomir Rawisz.


Saoirse Ronan happens to be a talented actress, who has won raves for every single film she made. She has as much right to be given above the title billing as her three co-stars.


Excuse me, Mark Strong doesn’t rate above the title billing, but Saoirse Ronan does?


does the “and Colin Farrell” mean that he dies fairly quickly and is therefore a secondary character?

gd poster spoilers!!!


This is the reason why everyone got so excited about those Black Swan posters a week or two back.

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