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Oscar Talk: Foreign Race, Harry Potter, London Fest, Blue Valentine, All Good Things, Black Swan

Oscar Talk: Foreign Race, Harry Potter, London Fest, Blue Valentine, All Good Things, Black Swan

This week, Kris Tapley and I engaged in Oscar Talk via Skype across the Pond with London Film Festival attendees Guy Lodge (In Contention) and Peter Knegt (indieWIRE). We dug into the foreign Oscar race, the NC-17 Blue Valentine controversy, Oscar chances for Black Swan, All Good Things and Never Let Me Go, why documentaries, sequels and animation face tough going getting into the top ten, and what the award season could hold for must-see five-hour marathon Carlos.

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Keil Shults

A week or more ago I whined (oh so subtly) about you not discussing Black Swan in your audio roundtable discussion, and this past week I finally got my wish. And if the Saw series has taught us anything, what works once will work again and again and…

So, why no mention of The Way Back? I’m curious where you fine folks stand on Weir’s latest effort, especially now that its first trailer has arrived.

Side note: Black Swan will get nominated for Best Pic, Inside Job will not, and Let Me In will not, but probably should.

Side note, Vol. 2: Do you think that new, artier trailer for The Fighter (which I caught last night during the repeat of the Mad Men season finale) will widen the film’s box office potential or perhaps have the opposite effect? The background din of noise that seemed to steadily crescendo seems like the kind of thing that would give average moviegoers a headache or set off those flashing, neon “WARNING: ART FILM” signs in people’s minds. I realize the first trailer was a little too formulaic and Rocky-esque, but it’s not gone from A to Z, when it probably should have settle for M. Thoughts?

Anne Thompson

I can’t wait to see it.

Jonathan in Dayton

IN A BETTER WORLD – the new Susanne Bier film – is gorgeous and compelling.
It did indeed play in Toronto.

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