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Oscar Watch: King’s Speech Leads Gurus ‘O Gold, Wins Hamptons Prize

Oscar Watch: King's Speech Leads Gurus 'O Gold, Wins Hamptons Prize

Thompson on Hollywood

Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth as a stuttering King George VI, not only won the narrative audience prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival Sunday, but scored number one in the post-Toronto Film Festival Gurus ‘o Gold poll (below). I also voted it number one (my current predictions are here and listed below), because the Tom Hooper movie is not only impeccably made and boasts the year’s likely best actor winner (Firth), but is emotionally moving in a way that the brilliantly cold The Social Network is not.

The Gurus ‘o Gold Best Picture Predictions:

1. The King’s Speech
2. The Social Network
3. Inception
4. Toy Story 3
5. True Grit
6. 127 Hours
7. The Kids Are All Right
8. Black Swan
9. Another Year
10. Hereafter

Left off my list since the last voting (when I sent in 13) are Never Let Me Go, which is not doing well at the box office and earned mixed reviews; Black Swan, which may be too gritty and intense a thriller for older Academy members; The Tempest, Julie Taymor’s gloriously audacious valentine to Shakespeare, which may be too artful for mainstream Oscar voters; and Charles Ferguson’s Wall Street expose Inside Job, which opened to stellar reviews and a $21,000 per screen average in two theaters and could be a dark horse doc candidate for the top ten list if SPC can build enough controversy.

The Weinsteins are better at that game and can be counted on to milk the NC-17 rating for Blue Valentine, as they’ve done in the past–although a few judicious trims of thrusting sex scenes will get it the R. Blue Valentine will likely remain a long-shot for acting nominations for Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, although this sort of controversy will boost the likelihood that the actors branch will see the film.

My votes:

1. The King’s Speech
2. The Social Network
3. Inception
4. Winter’s Bone
5. The Kids Are All Right
6. 127 Hours
7. Toy Story 3
8. True Grit
9. Love & Other Drugs
10. The Way Back

1. Colin Firth The King’s Speech
2. Jesse Eisenberg The Social Network
3. James Franco 127 Hours
4. Robert Duvall Get Low
5. Javier Bardem Biutiful

1. Annette Bening The Kids Are All Right
2. Nicole Kidman Rabbit Hole
3. Jennifer Lawrence Winter’s Bone
4. Lesley Manville Another Year
5. Diane Lane Secretariat

1. Sam Rockwell Conviction
2. Geoffrey Rush The King’s Speech
3. Mark Ruffalo The Kids Are All Right
4. Andrew Garfield The Social Network
5. Vincent Cassell The Black Swan

1. Dianne Wiest Rabbit Hole
2. Miranda Richardson Made in Dagenham
3. Jacki Weaver Animal Kingdom
4. Helena Bonham Carter The King’s Speech
5. Rebecca Hall Please Give

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Glad to see The Way Back is on your list,Anne.

Btw,it seems like in UK Empire magazine and Total Film gave “The Social Network” “only” four stars.I just wonder it’s backlash or something..

Old Fart

I’ve never even heard of half of these movies. And the only one listed that I’ve seen is INCEPTION, the Oscar chances of which don’t interest me in the slightest. If the eventual nominee list shapes up even close to this, it just might be the dullest Oscar race in history.

Anne Thompson

I need to see how Black Swan plays going forward; on my Oscar chart Portman is not in the top five but a contender, and could replace Diane Lane, for example, if she falls back.


I’m surprised that Natalie Portman and “Black Swan” aren’t on your predictions. Many feel that Portman is the front runner for Best Actress and, like Christopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky is long overdue for a Best Picture/Director nomination.


Another dark horse that no one is talking about is Paul Haggis’ THE NEXT THREE DAYS. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are both great in the film.

The critics’ awards season conventional wisdom seems to be ignoring the film b/c Lionsgate seems to be marketing it as a thriller. And I understand why the film might be misperceived. But it’s really much more of a drama. With some excellent performances.

Russell Crowe, as lead actor, hasn’t been this good since AMERICAN GANGSTER, and Elizabeth Banks, as supporting actress, is very strong.

Saw a screening of this a few weeks ago, and it was superb.


I don’t get why Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are long-shots. I’ve seen most of the performances listed here and they are easily at the top of my list. Amazing acting, great film.

Edward Wilson

I’ll eat my foot if The King’s Speech wins. It’s irrelevant. Firth will get best actor, and that’ll be its prize.

The pundits keep saying it’s a classic “Oscar movie.” The problem is, we haven’t had a movie that fits that frame in half a decade. And the reason is because of all the indie filmmakers who’ve been sucked into the Academy’s membership over the past 15-20 years. The voting demographic has shifted.

If The King’s Speech wins this year, it’ll only be because people are in a bad mood this year and it’s a feel-good movie.

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