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Say Hello to The Playlist

Say Hello to The Playlist

There’s a goal we’ve been pursuing for awhile now at indieWIRE, one that we’re finally ready to reveal today. This morning, we’re thrilled to welcome our friends from top film website The Playlist to the indieWIRE Blog Network.

Launched ten years ago as a music e-zine, The Playlist ( is an essential movie site that we’ve been reading multiple times a day for a long time now. The Playlist tracks the latest movie news, offers insightful commentary and cultivates a passionate community of movie fans.

A collective that is based in laptops located around the world, its contributors truly span the globe. Its team includes folks based in the UK, New York, Canada, Chile, Los Angeles, SF, Australia, St. Croix and more.

Kevin Jagernauth has been named Managing Editor of the evolving site, running day to day operations for The Playlist. The senior team at the site includes Features Editor Oliver Lyttelton, writer Simon Dang, as well as editors Jessica Kiang, Leah Zak and Kathleen Walsh.

The team plan to build on the opportunities that the new indieWIRE platform will offer. At the same time, they intend to maintain a clear focus. “What to expect?” The Playlist wrote today, “Pretty much the same coverage you know, just on a different channel.” Continuing, they said, “The move will allow The Playlist to reach a wider audience than ever before, get better access and maybe even try a new thing or two. It’s the grand experiment of 2010 and a new adventure if you will.”

The site serves a wide range of movie fans. “The Playlist tracks the (mostly) smart movies that indieWIRE readers want to know about,” wrote Anne Thompson, breaking the news late last night. She called the site one of her favorite movie blogs.

“Every day, the site’s team of core contributors (out of twenty or so bloggers around the globe) trawl their sources—and the internet—for news about what’s happening in film production,” Thompson added, “They may start with initial reporting in the trades, but The Playlist doesn’t just regurgitate, comment and repeat. They dig, check and ask questions as the story develops and matures. They keep all of us, via posts and tweets, up-to-date.”

We’re so excited to have Kevin and the entire team joining the indieWIRE Blog Network. Welcome, The Playlist!

We invite you to connect with The Playlist anytime on their website, via Twitter, and on Facebook.

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I’m with mp, why do we need stories about Anne Hathaway and James Franco joining the list of contenders for the Alien prequel? Who gives a flying rat’s ass? So will Indiewire, like so many things in this country that acheive success, be co-opted by the mainstream and ultimately lose it’s mission. Probably. Because all the little indie writers and publishers really wannabe big mainstream writers (and publishers)…right? With all due respect to Mr. Allen, CEO, the festival guide, filmmakers toolkit, and criticwire are not exactly resources yet. They are at this point, gestures. Perhaps they’ll evolve into something with information we don’t already know.

Patric Z

Love it! Nice job Eugene, Rick, and crew. Good to see indiewire staying strong and … indie!


Rick Allen

MP – with respect, you’re reading this wrong. Affiliating The Playlist is additive – indieWIRE’s coverage of independent film isn’t decreasing. Our Blog Network structure is a great way to bring our readers more – more about indie movies, more about mainstream movies, and more about a range of topics. We’ll keep adding to the IW core staff, and I think any review of the new resources (like CriticWIRE, the festival guide, the filmmaker toolkit, etc.) added this year alone shows that nobody covers the indepedent film world with the depth that indieWIRE does.
Rick Allen, CEO


wow. Indiewire moves farther and farther away from independent film. The first two stories on The Playlist are about Pixar and The Hangover 2? wow.

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