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Screen Media Takes Rights to War on Terror Film “Lifted”

Screen Media Takes Rights to War on Terror Film "Lifted"

Screen Media has acquired all U.S. rights for Lexi Alexander’s “Lifted,” a film about a young boy from Alabama who enters a singing competition in order to support his family, particularly his mother, as they deal with the changes in the household provoked by his father’s deployment to Afghanistan. The film stars Dash Mihok, Nicki Aycox, and Uriah Shelton, with cameos by Trace Adkins and Ruben Studdard. The film has been praised by veterans’ groups and political actors and intellectuals like Andrew Breitbart and Eckhart Tolle for carefully telling a politically charged story about the War on Terror.

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Paul Klinger

I did not lose anyone as yet in either Iraq or Afghanistan, but this film is not only a wonderful
tribute to our fallen heroes, but as a film in general, one of the best I have ever seen. I am
71 and have seen about 2700 films, and this is definitely one of my 5 favorites ever. I have
watched it with different people about a dozen times, and it just gets better each time. The
music is excellent, Uriah Shelton gives a great performance, and there are some script
highlights that deserve to be bronzed. I have given about 10 copies to friends and family
members. This film should be given a widespread release. It should be seen by just about
every American of all ages and political persuasions. It is one of the 5 highest user rated
films on the IMDB database, with perfect 10's over 52% of the votes as of 9-24-12.

Dina gray

This movie cut straight to my military-wife heart! My husband had just come home in December of 2011, and we watched this in April of 2012, together…. We have three children, and every time he has gone overseas, there is this part of us that just like holding your breath, until that moment he steps off that plane and we see him again. Watching this movie, the music, oh, the music was so really amazing! All three leads truly brought to life what it means to be a military family…. The dedication to the job, and your country, as well as your love of your family, and I cannot thank them enough! This was a beautiful dedication to our fallen and their families! Thank you all!


I felt that this was one of the best I have ever seen. It was very compelling and right to the heart. It is sad where the media feels that we need a reminder of 2001 in the form of a movie. How can anyone who witnessed it ever forget it. I did feel that Uriah really made me feel the sadness of losing someone in this terrible war, even though I myself did not have a family member over there. My heart goes out to them.

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