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Spielberg Takes On Robopocalypse

Spielberg Takes On Robopocalypse

Thompson on Hollywood

Steven Spielberg is committing to direct Daniel H. Wilson’s futuristic novel Robopocalypse for DreamWorks. Spielberg plans to begin principal photography in January 2012 for release by Disney’s Touchstone in 2013.
DreamWorks acquired the unpublished manuscript in November 2009; Drew Goddard adapted the dystopian story about a robot rebellion against humans. Doubleday plans to publish the novel in June 2011. Spielberg’s next two films, War Horse (Touchstone) and The Adventures of Tintin (Sony/Paramount) are both coming out in December.

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anon Ymus

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more rrelenbtlessly than ever. ————WAKE UP KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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